The Seventh Experience.

The Seventh Experience.

The sun did part,
and the slow time
before me ticked into
evening’s half moon…
Night lights at the square,
like the place where sun
unset remains…
Flood of praise drizzled
like rain; we began to
soak into God, until
overwhelmed with downpour,
life was flooded with praise…
Perfect times seized the night,
we cannot overtake God in
that state, when heaven
team earth to blossom the
dead places of existence…
The stars were gone, only
drops of them lighted the sky,
because the stars of God where
the light of the world, they knew,
and went home on some sides
of the sky…
Revival began to shape
like the crescent moon,
it began the sparks that
will full the world…
The mercies of God from
the Savior’s cross have
brought down; the kingdom
of our Christ has began,
the long train home into
eternity has began….

From FLY.




Nativity songs you

play fresh for beauty

on Christ born, and

the antique ecstasy

recalled from old gramophones

on Christmas morn.

You come like

Noah’s rainbow to

co lour the sky, and

remind the star

eternal born leading

to Messiah come.

You steal these times

and throw back on infant

Christmas, where lights

mimic stars, and the

Christmas trees say

we touched the sky.

Harmattan here white

with African Christmas,

while you place Santa

Claus on every doll

to complete the season

with no dull.

You wake snow on

foreign lands, and give

handful of snow on

white trees to bright

the hearts.

You may not say

the merriest things

when life dulls, and

the rituals that ring

you back, but the

Wise were right

with Messiah’s gifts!

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