The Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride

She is the best thing a man can ever have

A priceless gift to earth from the heavens

A black beauty with unrivalled endowment

So seductive, good men can’t help but fall

Bad men can only become worse

Arrows pierce hearts but not in sign of love

A blessing unwittingly gets turned into a curse

Exploited and abused, she stands on the verge of death

So everyday she cries

And everyday she hopes

That that man will one day come

And groom her, as it befits a beautiful girl

So that she and her family may shine

And she and her family may grow

A beautiful bride, oh, where did all the good grooms go?

9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Bride” by Gozzygoz (@Gozzygoz)

  1. Nice.
    Do you want your writings to be spectacular and remarkable?

    1. @kaycee, what you selling?

      1. hehehehe…wah r u selling Kaycee?

  2. Nice poem but i think you can do better

  3. A beautiful work of arts,
    Oh, where did all the true artist go?

    for a moment I thought that was going to be the last line(s).

    Nice poem. I think next one will be better though.

  4. Nigeria as a bride, not bad. But I wish you had reached deeper. Keep writing.

  5. the young lady marching and blushing pls where is she headed-lol- nice piece

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