The Adventure Of Ajagunla

The Adventure Of Ajagunla

Once upon a time, in a village called Ibudo, there was a farmer called Tanimola, he was a brave hunter and a prosperous farmer, he owned about five hectares of farm land, with lot of fruits. He had a wife called Apeh and they both live together. One day the King of the land admitted, that all the brave hunters in the village should go into the tick forest to bring a lion alive, with a tail of a leopard and a head of an elephant, he also admitted that any one who could bring all these he has mentioned, would be rewarded with any thing he desires. On their way into the strange forest called Agedudu forest named after a great hunter, who went into the forest and came back safe and sound, without any blood stain on his body and killed. The brave warriors were charm dressed by the herbalist of the village called Ogunmola, which was made to protect them on their way. Their various wives and children were crying, and were

not happy about their husband’s mission into the strange forest.

Tanimola, was made the leader of the hunters he was consulted instructed on the encounter to the strange forest, but he wasn’t boastful but thankful to the King chiefs and the native doctor of the village for the Honour. On their way into the forest, they saw a leopard trying to release itself from a trap which has almost killed it. The first hunter called Tarah, wish to help the leopard but remembered that he has promised his wife and children before leaving home, that he will return with a leopard, but Tanimola rush towards the animal but was attacked and strangled by leopard, it was to late for the rest of the group to rescue him. They were all sad, they can’t do any thing. One of them muttered, so he is gone forever and the rest of the hunter’s started to weep but Tanimola who was a brave hunter regretted not, but he sad not informing them about the instruction, given to them by the native doctor, before he was harmed by the leopard.
These are the instructions given to them by the native doctor, Never you look back, always watch your steps do not speak to any stranger, don’t help without been patience. These are the instruction given to them from the shrine.

When the other five brave hunters heard this sad information, they became shocked and no longer brave anymore. It was the first night in the mysterious forest, every one of them was scared. They all missed Tanimola, because he was the bravest of them all, still in the night while the hunters were sleeping two scorpions came out of no where and sting three of the hunters without a sound, the scorpions left silently.

The next morning, only three hunter woke up, they then discover that the other three intimate friends were lying down helplessly, on the ground with their bodies cold. Though they were seven (7) in number, but four are now dead, when they try to help the three friends, they discovered it’s impossible and too late. The remaining three hunters were scared, anytime a leaf shook they will quickly grab Kuruku, who was one of the great and powerful hunters at that time, and hid under him for protection.

When they got to their first mission which is the head of an elephant, they were silent and easy going and also concentrated on their goal.

They saw one of the smallest elephant playing with it’s mother, two of the hunter Wahala and Farah, saw the wise animal and foolishly ran after them. They had forgetting the instruction give to them so while try to catch the elephant, Tarah got hurt by a very fat and wide male elephant and he was killed, because all the elephants trampled upon him, and the vulture and those evil spirit in the forest. Wahala ran back to the village. But before returning he quickly went to the centre of a very big tree to appeal and ask for forgiveness “so that he will not die before getting to his own village and also vowed that he will never in his life attempt to go into such a forest again.

On his way home he saw another great hunter and exchanged greeting Wahala begin to narrate his own story his aim and objective of which had, to do with the strange forest. After he has narrated the story, the other hunter which was Ajagunla asked him some questions which Wahala also answered very conceitedly and correctly. The hunter, which Wahala had met in the forest asked him to follow him, along that he will grant unto him, what, ever he desires Wahala quickly obeyed and he followed Ajagunla.

Ajagunla began to talk of his own experience, while both were on their way to where the animals needed in-habite. Just a kilometer to the habitated of the wide animals, the great hunter asked Wahala to keep quite, they walk silently into the place. Late in the night Ajagunla and Wahala monitored aim at the little elephant, which had slept beside its mother, while his mother was fast asleep. Little elephant to wake the mother elephant but then thought it rude to do so, he went to the nearby stream to get water to drink but got shot by Ajagunla, the brave hunter, while Wahala was busy snoring like a frog. When the little elephant was dead Ajagunla gently walked to the spot where he killed the elephant and cut off it’s head, and  roasted the rest of it’s body. The next day, they both ate the meat and Wahala was given the leg of the elephant to eat, out of greed he ate and ate away his own portion without him asking Ajagunla where how he got the roasted meat. After the meal, they both continued their journey, they walked until they become exhausted and thirsty of water unfortunately, they were in the land of the leopard. So they saw many skin and bones of human being on the ground and as they were moving ahead they saw a leopard. Sleeping, Wahala saw it and thought it was a lion so he was unable to put himself in order, waking the animal. When Ajagunla saw this he quickly used the charm given to him and he also muttered the incantations he was asked to say so that the animals won’t be able to hurt him. Ajagunla, went closer, and cut off the leopard’s tail and he also made some incantation on it, which made it powerless. He kept the talk in its bay and they both went further to look for a lion which is still alive, this was their last mission. So they saw a den where a lion live, Wahala wanted to go urinate there but  Ajagunla warned him never to urinate at that spot, but Wahala paid a deaf ear. Unfortunately for Wahala, the foolish hunter it was a spot, where a female lion has just given birth to twelve (12) cubs. When he saw it, he ran as fast as he could for his dear life but it was too late, that was how he got caught by the female lion. The female lion, was very fast seeking for whom to devour. At the spot; where the lion left her cubs, Ajagunla went there and took one of the cub and ran as fast as he could,  Ajagunla went ahead and killed a lot of animals for his family to eat. Ajagunla went ahead tracing the village of ibudu. He later got to village of ibudu and asked from a woman, with those needed items on his head, where is the King’s palace he asked. They were so much surprised why? Because he is not of their village and he narated everything that happened to the hunters, to the villagers  who are all ignorant. The King was a bit happy, but he also sad, because from his village where his hunters that he sent into the strange forest, doesn’t return alive, but he asked Ajagunla what he wants in return. He answered and said he want riches, that was now Ajagunla became rich and influential in that Kingdom.

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  4. This story needs a lot of editing…wrong spellings, wrong usage of words and a lot of mix ups…

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