This piece is made up of 2 write ups and are not connected to each other but they circle around the same theme.


I searched for you, but it was like the earth swallowed you.

By the flowing waters of the sea, I stood waiting

To feel your presence beside me but my efforts were fruitless.

With my feet buried in the wet sand, I sank in tears all night long.

You became like thin air I could not find, my only companion was my pain.

Memories do last longer than pictures; they kept me afloat.

Thoughts of you kept me warm at night…

Time did come to a stand still because nothing changed in my world,

Days grew into months, months to years, as I nurtured my pain,

I cursed the day my heart accepted you in,


Do not be sorry because you chose to be, rather look and be proud of me.

I have become a woman you never knew existed, an army of you cannot break me.



I’m like a toddler on his first steps,

I try to stand but each time, I fall face down,

I struggle each time to stand right and take a bold step forward,

But my feet fail me each time.

I can’t stop now I have to stand and walk,

So I keep trying, it won’t be easy but I know,

One day I would surely stand right and walk,

I would be ready.



2 thoughts on “Strength” by omasan (@oma07)

  1. @Omasan, you are going far and you wills say I said it! Kudos.

  2. Lovely writing. Well done.

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