Many sought but never found it
Many fought but never gained it
Mortals sought for your dwelling in war
And with violence did they loose your grip
But yet and yet
Men still loose hold of their mortal being in search of you
Even while you were yet within their closest reach
For their desire for torment
And their absolute lust for power
Has blinded their eyes
To the reach of your throne
Which laid right in their midst
You are but a period of time
And a perfect situation
This overwhelms the body, mind and dwellings
Of the good and godly
You are but a state of mind
This lifts ones soul to the heavenly realms
And fills it with joy immeasurable
With your unseen strength
You unite nations, and mortals who war
And you cause the creation of calmness, quietness and friendship
Among enemies in battle
You abide not among arguing friends
Of a truth, there is no peace among the wicked
Peace is what I pray for
All over the world.

2 thoughts on “Peace” by lordgreat (@lordgreat)

  1. Good job!

    But only the Prince of Peace can bring peace to the world!

  2. @ayistar, tnx 4 ur coments… I knw abt the prince of peace bcos he is my inspiration

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