My Girlfriend’s Ex 2

My Girlfriend’s Ex 2

Tola is devastated, what exactly do the counsellor by that, what else was she supposed to do, she loves her boyfriend very well and she does all those things to show the depth of her love, while i have to pause for tola now and let me introduce my second girlfriend, meet chinenye, a very pretty young lady, people call her the damsel of the group, she is that which is called a true african beauty, people used to think that she was an ogbanje (ogbanje is a child in igbo land who is always loved by all, a child that will be the most beautiful of all that is born but is also seen as a torment unto the parents because of its contant sickness and ability to die at will), this girl is beautiful and she has this her boyfriend Ben, they are been together for 5year and guess what he valentines day he popped the question exactly the same way true baba asked Annie, how romantic.

Well, for you to appreciate this story, i will have to take you from the top. i met nenye in my second week of university. we were supposed to have a lecture and i got a space using my bag then i went out of the class to answer a call, when i got back, some group of boys had already removed my bag and occured my seat, i tried talking to them about it and they wouldn’t listen until nenye called one of the guys( who i later learnt was one of her numerous chykers) and asked him to tell his friends to give the lady’s seat back and like a robot they did, i was impressed, after i said my thank you, we added up leaving the class together and that was the beginning of a friendship which now knows no bounds. we practically did everything together and then in our 3rd year, we both left school hostel and moved in together into a duplex which was paid for by someone you will still meet later in the text.

Let me remenber the day chinenye and Ben met, i was there…………. i think, yeah i was. they met in the most unconventional way. chinenye and i went to see my academic adviser for one of my numerous problems back then in school, due to the fact that i share more than a lecture-student relationship with my advisor, it was more like mother-daughter relationship, so we were in her office gisting about school stuffz, she was in the middle of telling us how one white man disgraced himself at a convention she recently attended in the states when we were interrupted by a call, my adviser’s phone rang, as i and nenye were still giggling and laughing about the white man, i heard her saying to the person, sure come inside the department and tell the receptionist to direct you to my office, then she ended the call, few mintues later someone knocked and she asked me to open the door for the person. he walked in, smiled and nodded in acknowlegdement of own greetings, then to my adviser, he went and hugged.

From his appearance, he should be within 26-30years, apparently rich guy judging from his well tailored suit and for God sake he was wearing a lange and sohne designer wristwatch which if am not exaggerating should cost about 500 grand or more, i drifted back to reality when my adviser made the introductions……. Ben meet my daughters, and to us she said, girls meet my run away little brother. and there he was standing in flesh and blood is Ben Odiako, he is the most gorgeous TDH i have ever seen, pity that i like them fair, well, he turned to us and greeted us again and asked us what our names were, in the moment, i have forgotten that i was actually there with nenye and looking at her now clearly shows she has forgetten me too.

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  1. Nice waiting for the next one….

    Btw i guess u were typing really fast…some words are

    What did the counsellor mean by that
    We ended up leaving the class together
    And More..

  2. The story is promising but it was clearly rushed. Try and edit the next one better.

  3. A lot of typos and tense mix ups….lovely story

  4. You seem to be in a blind hurry, please watch out for the typos- they almost marred my read, the story sounds promising though. Good effort.

  5. Lovely effort. Loved the story line…

  6. I appreciate your love and understanding, promise to take it easy when writing the next episode, but forgive my writing, i type with a very small phone and i write mainly when am in class waiting for a lecture or something like that

  7. @Pinkice: your determination is admirable.

  8. good job. You could do better though.

  9. @ Pinkice, I am waiting for the continuation. I really like the story, despite the typos.

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