Lagos Na Wa

Lagos Na Wa

Chei! Lagocious Lagos. The place wey plenty people dey, the make hustle. The place wey hustlers hustle sey tey hustle meet bustle. There is none like it. You can see people on the road and streets moving like swarms of bees. They swarm the streets looking for opportunities in a similar fashion as flies swarm fresh excreta knowing the promise it holds. This is the most populous city in a country, which has two main rivers that forms a confluence at Lokoja in Kogi state. Lagos is a commercial city located in the Southwestern geo-political zone and has always had an avalanche of activities. It has boundaries with the land and the Atlantic Ocean. The city bam sha in many ways but the place get em own headache.

Hustle for Naija in general don turn humans into zombies that have no feelings for their fellow humans but Lasgidi own na highest. Men no send human life here. The busmen for here, dey drive like crazy. They drive as if the road is meant for them alone and can’t be shared with other road user. Them no even wan hear sey them give you chance. It would take so much patience to drive in Lagos but with time, you learn that fastness and sharpness are the only way. You drive everyday through the streets of Lagos at the risk of visiting an auto shop to work on the body of your car. Then for the many who enter the commercial bus called Danfo, ewo! na the risk of going to the hospital you go face. If the driver no carry una enter bush, the conductor go use vex panel beat you.

Though na mainly with mouth sef. Their face dey hard like amala wey dey exposed to the dry harmattan breeze and their words are full of venom and hate. E the be like sey them they dream about the passengers for night before the next morning. When I’m in the bus, I just mind my own business. Some passengers the carry their own vex enter bus ma. Them just dey wait for the slightest irritation to pick up fight with the conductor. Albeit I know sey na wahala for their head the cause am, I no wish to fall into any of them hand.

The danfo buses na executive vehicles them be. BRT no even smell their brake light. Some look like scraps put together. When you meet one with a good-looking exterior, don’t get overly excited. Wait to get a glimpse of the interior before you settle down for the bumpy ride. The interiors lack words to explain its look. They are literally bare and all the metals are exposed.

There are no padding to protect you from the harshness that might be meted. Just make sure you watch when you enter or you may leave your cloth, even your flesh as souvenir. Then you sit cramped with no spaces for movement and your knees making contact with the buttocks of the passenger in front of you. It is not easy at all to board them. The engines of the danfo’s na sound system on their own. Dj sound system no high reach this one wey I enter today.

If you were intending to discuss in the bus, the only language allowed is the sign language. The sound get level and e dey change pitch and tempo as the car accelerates. Right now, I’m in need of pills to relieve me of my headache. I just felt like sharing this nice experience with you but you should know that this is an every day experience for some, which they have learnt to live with.
Kai! Lasgidi things.

4 thoughts on “Lagos Na Wa” by apotheosis (@apotheosis)

  1. Ehen? My brother,you have a nice concept going here but take another look @ it.The beginning has a constant rhyme pattern,I thought it was a poem.
    Again, if you must do a pidgin thing,do it!If you must code switch do it well and if you must tell us about Lagos give us concrete information please.Which two river for Lagos abi na water reach Lokoja?

  2. @Sambright, thanks for reading it. Take a look at the sentence were Lokoja appeared again. It didn’t say Lagos had the rivers.

  3. i always appreciate people who make the effort to show case their skills. the flow may not be okay right now but it does not mean you will not improve. when i wrote my story many said i had no plot but then i kept going- so keep going becos you will get better.

  4. @Mikeeffa. Thanks. I appreciate ur comment. It actually gets better with time. I was only trying a new angle by combining english and pidgin to relate situations. It’s a new venture for me

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