How Hot is Your Anger?

How Hot is Your Anger?

I live in Lagos and every day I am surrounded by angry people. It’s like cosmically, Lagos has been programmed to be an angry place. Everywhere you go; there is always at least one angry person. Angry bus conductor and angry passenger; angry customer with the angry market woman; angry customer at the bank with the angry bank teller (even though they try not to show it, you can tell the teller just wants to slap the eyes off the customer’s face).

Honestly we need to calm down.

I remember NYSC camp. Anything and everything stretched me beyond my limits. Something was just always pissing me off. Dirty toilets, 4:30am bugle sounds and my things were always getting missing. People would take your stuff and not return it and that always got me angry. There was this particular morning I woke up looking for my ‘scooping bowl’ (the bowl I used to pour water on my body while having my bath, get it?)

This was not the first time it was happening. Someone always took my bowl and as always, they wouldn’t let me know they did, then I’d have to search all over the room for it. This morning I was really pissed. The night was cold and I had been too lazy to cover myself properly; the water was cold and there was no where I could boil it so it was certain I was going to have a cold bath in the cold weather. It wasn’t even the least funny. Only to find out my bowl was missing. I started to shout;

“This thing is no longer funny. Every day, someone will come to my corner and take my bowl without telling me and when I need it, I won’t find it. Can’t we just respect ourselves? If it was anybody else you wouldn’t find it funny too so please just stop. If you are with it just bring out and let this thing not happen again. If this kind of thing happens again…”

I was on auto-pilot. Shouting, warning, threatening and running my mouth, till my eyes met my still cold bucket of water waiting to be bathed with that morning.


The little voice of reasoning in my head whispered “anger that cannot even boil water”

Think about it. I mean in all your threatening, when it comes down to it what can your anger do really? Is it able to charge your phone? Can it fry egg? Does it have the capacity to generate enough energy to power an electric bulb? No? I thought so too.

When we are angry, we threaten to do anything and everything. Bring the roof down. Break everything in the world. Slap somebody. Kill everybody. One simple question you probably have not asked yourself is:

“Can this anger even boil water?”

So the next time you get pissed off and your temper starts rising, you feel this strong urge to kill somebody and burn their body on a stake to serve as a deterrent to the rest of the world; please take a moment and ask yourself:

“Can this anger boil water?”

14 thoughts on “How Hot is Your Anger?” by Salliness (@Salliness)

  1. Sure, anger thrives where human beings live. It is the ferment that surrounds us, anger against the corrupt system, anger against our helplessness in the face of political rape, etc. I was taught that when anger begins its surging gestation within our being, we can hold it at bay by quietly counting 1 through 10, then repeating it till the boiling rage simmers down. On a lighter mood, did you find your scooping bowl?

  2. @kokowrites no :'(

  3. hmm. Nice question. Refreshing read too.

  4. Boil water? Anger has done many things in the world o. Mostly negative things, howbeit.

  5. This anger issue… Just last week, I was reading a blog by a guy who came to Lagos to know more about it and his First post was about how everybody tried to act ‘hard’ so as not to be taken advantage of. It could be that Lagos is really stressful like my friends from Ibadan like to tell me.

  6. hehehehe. That was a wonderful epiphany right there, anger can’t boil water.
    I guess in some ways, taken seriously, this is really deep. I however will go with the sad realization that your anger cannot even boil water. (that’s a classic joke, forgive me).

    Oya before I make a total complete fool of meself, lemme run away…

    ‘Anger cannot even boil water’, #classic.

  7. You got me laughing, but anger not controlled has caused lots of havoc

    1. Anger is a bad advicer.

  8. Nice piece you’ve got here. Anger is really bad.

  9. Hmm….nice story… I’m thinking of a way by which I can convert my anger into electrical energy so that it can at least boil me water or charge my phone.

  10. … a simply nice read…

  11. nice article you have there… anger, anger, anger… the bane of emotional quotient

  12. Perhaps anger can not boil water, but of what use is boiled water when you can have melted mountains?
    Anger is a powerful force, if you channel it. Seems to me like you had a rather mild and typical NYSC experience.

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