Eriata Oribhabor International Poetry Prize 2013

Eriata Oribhabor International Poetry Prize 2013

Food has been central to the being and survival of mankind. For this reason, man has continued to beautify, access and embellish it in assorted ways. It continues to provide mental stimulus for thinking and merry making as well as the art.

Eriata Oribhabor is accepting creatively garnished poems themed around experiences with food, poems with titillating recipes that seek to promote our delicacies, verses exploring individual experiences/culture shocks on encountering foods from other places or a comparison of our delicacies with that of foreign lands. We shall by this venture see foods from all backgrounds flow in poetic lines.


Original works from all over the world in any style. Up to 3 poems per submission will be accepted.
Should you have something you think we’ll love that falls outside the guideline but speaks well of any food, please send it.
While we lay emphasis on fresh entries, an already published entry in this regard can be considered.

– Previously published poems are okay. Please indicate when and where published so we can properly credit if accepted.

-Simultaneous submissions are okay but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

-Include a maximum 100 word bio written in the third person.

-All submissions via email only to the

-Please include your contact info in the body of the email, including your full name, email address, phone number and mailing address.

– The deadline for the submission of works dedicated to Nigerian (Naija) foods is January 31, 2013. (You will be notified whether or not your work has been accepted by February 20, 2013)

– Judging is anonymous and the poems will be forwarded to the editorial board without names. No revisions of poems will be accepted after submission!

– The author retains copyright on the poems, although we hold the right to publish them online and in a potential anthology.

– Please do not send plagiarised works.
Cash rewards totalling N100, 000 is up grabs for the best entrants in the following way
1st Prize: N35, 000 ($218)
2nd Prize: N20, 000 ($125)
3RD Prize: N10, 000 ($ 63)
** Consolatory prize of N5000 ($30) for seven other entries strutting delectably behind the winners.

We would love to be able to just smother all of our amazing contributing poets beneath large piles of yummy chocolates, little glittery cakes shaped like Africa, ‘‘Akpu and ofe-onugbo’’ capable of grabbing the attention of anyone irrespective of background, sparkling ‘‘akara’’ or ‘‘kosai’’ in the size of the round leather football, ‘‘moi-moi’’ packaged like cakes from the Caribbean, well-prepared ‘‘akamu’’and other ‘‘smol smol’’ cash rewards. This will be determined by the judges.
Selected poems may be published in an anthology and details communicated accordingly.
All contributing poets will receive:
– A copy of the anthology in which their work is featured and enjoys the option of purchasing additional copies at a discount for resale.
– A referral bonus for every online sale they send our way.

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  1. now this is yummy!

  2. I concur with adams@coshincozor. This is really yummy! I can’t wait to see the kind of poems that will form the anthology.

    1. Febidel…so you just want to see the ‘food’ when it is done? Nothing for you o but aroma. Partakers will need to do more than watch, give a piece of pun, a slice of couplets and see how it turns out to be. You’ve got 5 weeks left anyway

  3. yeah yeah, let’s do the dew mehn.

  4. yeah yeah, let’s do the dew mehn.

  5. I never knew one could get paid writing
    Now one can do what he knows best

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