Deaths in Nollywood: Before we all die.

Deaths in Nollywood: Before we all die.

On Tuesday 6th December 2012, Nollywood, Delta state and entire Nigeria was thrown into mourning. A great iroko has fallen. Veteran actor Enebeli Elebuwa kicked the bucket finally after a long time illlness. His death came barely three weeks after Nollywood was yet to recover from the shocking dismissal of Pete Eneh, another veteran actor. He (Pete Eneh) died after leg amputation due to infection.

This now asks this question, what is wrong with Nollywood? All is not well. Something is wrong somewhere. Can’t we end a year without losing an all important personality?. I agree that death is inevitable. We will all die some day, but the deaths in the Nigerian film industry look more suspcious or a punishment. A lot of persons will not know this, especially if you are not part and parcel of Nollywood. For those that know, it is high time you open up. Silence kills more than a bullet.

Nollywood was built from the sweat of entertainment minded Nigerians. In fact, some persons will tell you that Nollywood was born when the movies like ‘Living in Bondage’, ‘Rattle Snake’ were release. We remember the glory days, when every film term to be a blockbuster. It was fun. It now begs the question what really went wrong? Who angered the gods?. The industry is just like it’s old self. It has grown to be the third large film industry in the world, there are norms and values which must be kept before we all die. I don’t write with sentiments or trying to show my holiness through my words. I don’t care who might hate me for writing this, but the truth has to be said. I don’t want to bore you with what you already know. It is an open secret. It’s not something you want to hide anymore, no. These people are so bent in making their activities ‘legal’.

I do believe, nobody was born and christened as an actor, actress, scriptwriter, Director or producer. It’s a calling which those concerned must answer. If you are not called, don’t force yourself to be or you end up a total failure. What am I saying? Nollywood has come to be a dumping ground for homosexuals,lesbianism, corruption, sexual immorality, voodooism. In fact, talk about the evils same group of persons display on the silver screen for the public enlightment and education, it’s same thing they are indugling into. The devil cannot cast away fellow devil.

It is no more news that as a newbie into the industry and you are a female, God knows how many Directors and producers will sleep with you before giving you a role. You might be too lucky not to meet men that will like to have a piece of you before a job, what about your fellow females. The world is changing and one problem with Nigerians, we love copy and paste. If you are a guy, you either bribe your way to the script or you pay with your body. There are certain cliches which you must belong before a superstar, you can call them the ‘Nigerian Illuminati’. They are capable of making you a superstar in just six months. They ask me if the likes of late Sam Loco, Ashley Nwosu, Pete Eneh, Enebeli Elebuwa were involved in all these, I write so that Nollywood can return back to God before we all die. All can not be well if all these persist. Unless, we want to start counting deaths every week.

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  1. Yo! Uchechukwu Obiakor. Wouldn’t we be in denial if we say sexual immorality and corruption ain’t the drama of the day. What we should be complaining about is the quality of movies Nollywood churns out these days.

  2. @uchechukwu1 This is a truth-telling piece… I love the sincerity and bravery of the writer… keep on sharing what ought to be known…

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