Bananas Mine – Drenching Out

Bananas Mine – Drenching Out


I drench myself out

Seeking your fort

To find solace in your bosom

True reliever of ever and more


I come and stay out – as you appear with your pout

Finding me out at the door mot

Angry and exploding, love the reason for your bomb

Sick that I might all be sick, wondering what for


You offer me clothes, food and warmth

But a rejection stemmed in masculine ego says No

I remain in a singlet, flexing my muscles, hoping to woo

Sick, I only wonder if all this is worth the sore…

                        3rd July, 2010



When I encounter those enticing bananas

My hands itch

Seeking to peel

And make the lovely fruit within mine


The outer easy to peel

Stays on, tempting

Ripening, showing the inner

Till in the end I claim them for mine


And eat of it all

The sweetest fruit of the world

Then I am worried:

For this one was a carefully concealed mine!




I might not make it….

The bull rushes forth

And I drop the cloth

She cools and tries to smile


The bull takes time

While I stay forth

No protection – tied to the spot

In the cloth


The blisters and wounds to bear

Appear more

Then, choice leaves my possession

As a stomach becomes my portion


Then is fury unleashed!

4 thoughts on “Bananas Mine – Drenching Out” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. your poem is always on the top gear, Nice one sir.

  2. Su’Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done as always.

    1. @seun-Odukoya: how come I didn’t see this before? Eshe jare!

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