Twinkle Stars

Twinkle Stars

These starry nights

you would not be the death of me

these dots of sparkle

that turn the sky into a king’s crown

like finely divided iron you catalyze

that reversible reaction in equilibrium

just like the delirium

you lock-throw me into

melting the keys

i wish i could live in the bliss

of that day and moment forever

when i stared at those stars

their approving reciprocation

in my soul

seconds before i was buried.

divinity replaced flesh

in Your name

like a policeman on conman

the grip  more than grate-teeth tight

on the pants of my soul

to attempt resistance

power conferred

ability triggered

every stop of my being

more than tampered with

for the better .

the stars witnessed

eyes expectant

with pens at the ready

silent clicks of midgets

teasing whatever ears

as i reeled my wrongs

the invisible sea of oblivion

flowing with gusto and unction

my way….what joy!

there and then

teary eyed and heavy hearted

i pledged

time quality

effort inestimable

skill professional

energy unrivalled

to His cause

things of yore

in a way that takes aback

counting no more

locked in Good’s cell

Scofield and Burrows

undesirable and hateful characters

the day that day was

how many will i deny, the stars

what alibi can i hand them

should i veer off this path

with what will i ”settle” ┬áthose Hosts

on the day of reckoning?

how will i face His presence

the smoky altar

when the Lamb turns Lion

should my back face this way

Twinkle stars, twinny stars

keep reminding me..of my commitment.




4 thoughts on “Twinkle Stars” by raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

  1. Amen! I hear you brother…

  2. Didn’t know what the poem was talking about, especially around the middle.

  3. Salvation. Repentance. Remembrance. May God help us.

    Nice but kind of obscure.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  4. Deep meaning but i dig

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