To A Friend

To A Friend






To a friend, ever so lonely
There lies within you a castle ever so bright
It glows undimmed, ever so homely
Within, as ever-ready companions are beings of light

To a friend, ever so needing
Within your gloom is a wealth untapped
Silver and gold apres the weeding
Greed and gluttony must never be sapped

To a friend, ever so sad
Find childhood whose joy is ever undimmed
With whom light beings are ever so glad
The memory, a picture aptly limned

To a friend, ever so scared
You are never alone, not by day or night
Though the world be painted in red
Discard your fears, you stand in the light

To a friend, ever so full of despair
You have never wandered earth alone
An indomitable army, sometimes a pair
Is always with you to help lift the stone

To a friend, ever so choked with hate
Pain is but a friend, her lessons but puns
Love is but an anchor, eternal lifebuoy till date Do love, not hate, if only for the grace of your suns

To a friend, addled with anger
It is the only out for the cowardly mind
Rile no more for it is ever a danger
Be fluid as the ocean and never your axes grind

To a friend, ever devoid of hopes
The deception is as soothing as thunder
It is only relative, this illusion that topes
For hope is a treasure of yours no man can plunder

To a friend plagued with infirmities
Destiny is not a stint of ease but land so tilled
Prolong not discomforts, speak upon the extremities
And emote with joy; by His stripes you are healed

To a friend, visited by death
Grief is the wine of mans existence
No parody parades the tears shed on a hearth
Look on high for strength and pray for life’s persistence

Ohmston Weth


12 thoughts on “To A Friend” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. Rile no more..
    Fluid as the Ocean…
    Speak upon the extremities..
    No parody parades..

    Dude you got lines!


    1. I totally AGREE!!!

    2. Thanks Sir. Glad you enjoyed reading.

  2. Wow, I so love the poem, and the comfort it elicits.
    check your lines well, some words are missing and some need correction…
    It’s a wow piece!

    1. @Excellency: thanks for reading sir, but maybe you should help me point out some of the flawed lines. I cant really see them. Thanks

      1. …my bad, pardon me sire, must have mixed up my comments, it’s an impeccable piece, bravo…

  3. @ohmston U crafted this very, very well.

    I totally enjoyed reading this. Nice work!

  4. this is a very cool poem. it very deeo and enjoyable

    1. Thank you, Cathreya

  5. Okay, so this is what I missed ba? I’m back ooo…
    All ye poets :d

    Can’t really put a finger on it, but this poem crept slowly… under my skin. Can’t really articulate…

    1. @Daireen: where u go before? and why cant you put a finger on your feelings about this poem?

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