The Plea

The Plea

Oh! To naught our science is proof

All to shame our heads are shove

But if to God indeed we plead

Sure, our cries for help He’ll heed.


See me Lord with skin so sore

AIDS did deal this blow so raw

Life and food and drink taste death

Grant I life from Thy own death


Give me as a child, dear Lord

Chastity as the light to guide

Death to sex in youth record

That in health on earth I’ll pride


Thee with love my spouse I choose

Not to else in life shall want

AIDS can rage and wreck and bruise

Fear I not to work like ants


We can save our world from AIDS

If from sin our ways we mend

Lead us Lord Your ways to trace

For in Thee is joy un-end.

11 thoughts on “The Plea” by Walter (@sidhartha)

  1. Great rhyming.
    Great message too.

    1. Thanks,Kayc. Seems I haven’t goofed with your expectations yet

  2. @sidhartha, boy this is so cool, very well done, great message too! That youths might this message hear…

    1. Gracias. From your lips to their ears…

  3. I read this as if I was reciting children’s bed time prayer… Love the words and the style but the message implies HIV is only spread through sex. NO.

    1. I just picked out on one thread of a larger yarn, Jollyone. Just a piece.

  4. Excellent! No contest.

    1. Thanks. Much appreciated

  5. It starts with you eh? :d well done.

  6. Nice. Well written.

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