The Pipers Monument

The Pipers Monument






In the quietude of our solitude
Lies solace in numbers
Our multitude
Our family
The seed whose roots reach
Beneath the seas
Like an eternal mahogany tree
The five digits of a hand
Knowing neither friend nor foe

Peace comes when flurried breeze
In a storm
Poking our love
Meets our unity
And in those turbulent moments
We find reasons to smile again

Ohmston Weth


6 thoughts on “The Pipers Monument” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. Nice again. But that first line felt kinda forced…

  2. I love this. Reads pleasantly and I spy some figures of speech too. This line throws me off though-
    ‘And in those turbulent moments’.

      1. @whizpoet I was thinking they should not have felt the turbulence at all. I guess through the imagery evoked by the thought of the Mahogany’s roots.

  3. Love this….poking our love meets our Unity….Love + Unity = Peace

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