The Death of a Love Affair

The Death of a Love Affair








I have come to my roads end

End of this journey of lessons


Cosy thresholds and airy castles

I have built like a human would;

Full of flaws and the errors of a child


The voice of dawn was here

To take away a pound of my regrets

But then, I am no seer

I lived only for the romance of her lips


The sunshiny stare of her eyes

Had come twinkling after a starless night

The silver of her eve had borne my golden mo

And through the gloaming she had stayed…

Watchful and thoughtful

And once she’d tickle my cheeks with a breeze

I’d smile but be remembered of her leave


I watched the dark night swallow me

I watched halcyon flee

I screamed her name like a wretch in fear

I was scared, so scared I howled….

For the nightmares had come in droves

I waited, patiently like an old turtle would

For hours and hours, many seconds plodded by

And she had come… in a shroud


Bcos indeed she never came…

Maybe the reeds of our heated romance

Had left her too weak to care

Or the stale sweat of our sated passions

Had stuck her in the galaxies she had lain

‘Cos indeed she never came…

I lay the night to rest by me

Welcoming her foreboding guests

And swore to maraud for fare

And be gone from your bungled embrace


Never will I wait up

Again for the rosy glow of her cheeks

She had brought by a hail of light

And like night, have oppressed me still

I have come to my roads end

End of this journey of lessons

No more… no more

No more will I be as fragile as dry sticks

And bed betrayal without a fight

I will seek my solace from steel

And you be gone who think indispensible

I have indeed come to my roads end

But will wait the romance of another sun.


Ohmston Weth


8 thoughts on “The Death of a Love Affair” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. @ohmston OKay bros, I acknowledge u!!! U do av a way wif ur words….like a true poet should. U painted all ‘ em pictures in my head alright….

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you could see em pictures.

  2. I could feel the pain through your words, and just when I thought there couldn’t be more, you just kept going! Well done.

  3. I feel you, better you wait for another sun, than seek solace from steel…

    1. Hahahaha. I feel you. Will do just that.

  4. this is really nice. my heart hurts.

    1. ahhhh! Thanks for reading though.

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