Season One – A Novel by Ogenyi Emma Idinma

Season One – A Novel by Ogenyi Emma Idinma

Book Title: Season One
Author: Emma Idinma Ogenyi
Foreword by: Aloke Inyere Jnr.
Publisher: Chiysonovelty International
Year of Publication: 2012
Pages: 74

“When one arrives in the land of the spirit, it is not necessary seeking the dead. Amobelede village met an unimagined in one fateful afternoon. Even their diviner was dumbfounded when he saw the cause of their predicament. The only thing he could do was to run out of the village after telling the king that a stone was never suitable for testing a strong head…it is only a fool who does not know the gender of his mother…”

Season One by Emma Idinma Ogenyi exposes the recklessness and abuse of power found in some royal houses. And this abuse of power has a negative effect on the entire community. The enthralling story in this novel exposes the recklessness of a prince Ogbonnaya that cost his family and kingdom great loss of lives and property.

This novel is a cultural epic that is educative and flavored with mind-thrilling and inspiring proverbs. Just as Chinua Achebe gave us Things Fall Apart many years ago, today, Emma Ogenyi has risen with authenticity and veracity bringing to light a real work of creativity set in an Igbo background.

This book is very vividly written. Emma has produced a novel that I see being used in many schools across the globe.

Emmanuel Idinma Ogenyi hails from Abor-Amobelede Ehamufu, Isi-Uzo Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. He is a good storyteller, writer, musician, actor and speaker. He has other unpublished works and he’s a co-author of the leadership book: Sages of Ages, co-authored by ten young Africans who are mad: Making A positive Difference.

The size of a book or the number of words is not what matters but, the quality of the content in the book. This book is loaded with wisdom and knowledge that will educate, empower, enspire, entertain and edify you. Season One admonishes parents to properly raise their children, it challenges youths to be exemplar of good things and the ruling class to never abuse the power bestowed on them by the people.

This book is ingeniously crafted. Season one is a story beautifully rendered. It evokes emotions and the proverbs resonate like music…melodious and harmonious. Emma has established himself as a writer of repute and has greater stories to tell. I highly commend this book.


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  1. “used in many schools across the globe?”
    Don’t let us start expecting much from the book o, cos if it fails to match Achebe’sThings Fall apart like implied….

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