Retirement  Villages

Retirement Villages


Is their absence not somehow loud

and ear-deafening? No decent

 retirement villages in Afrika?


Who will write some sort of

face-saving memoirs when those

who should be  are busybodies?


It is one thing to deal with

those who are agile and

innovative and have a soul.


It is another to have to contend

with soulless geriatrics who

have run out of ideas.


They are not short of a sick

 proclivity to play dull antics 

of backwardness and nastiness


Dealing with the nasty mischief

 of funny faddy daddies is

an awkward mission and a half.


 A lizard`s health hazard

for they esteem not the sanctity

of life and choice.


They sit and talk

nothing with nobody

like nobody`s business


They fool themselves that

they are still in vogue

yet they are in denial


They have gone past their

 sell-by date and should just  

consider a date with retirement


Where are the retirement villages

in mother Afrika? Where is the fresh air?

Where is the vision? Dilapidated faces.

4 thoughts on “Retirement Villages” by Ndaba (@starrider)

  1. The extended family system may not allow the ‘Retirement villages’ to thrive. Love the poem… I especially love this line ‘ a lizard’s health hazard’

  2. And the ‘extended term’ (the tenure of office) may not allow them to thrive as well! Thanks for reading it and your comment.

  3. Death is the best retirement. Saves a lot of space and resources.

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