Remembering Dana.

God bless the dead that died that day
Cremated in the wreck,
And bless the eyes shut from sun’s ray,
The mangled hand and neck.

I think ’tis an honour to fall
As high as one can try,
Better than grounded till the Call
Booms from high up the sky.

In sorrow we remember you,
Victims of inventions,
Of advancement’s bus rolling through
And much good intentions.

I hear the thunder of the bird,
A parrot echoing doom,
Though far away,I see hell’s herd
Hovering in the gloom

God grant you the rest earth denies
(O! World so full of pain),
And wipe the soot tears from your eyes
Till morning comes again.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Dana.” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. Forever young on the heart. This is what poetry should say.

  2. @dike,hello? Your comment got me scratching my head oh. Come again?

  3. Sad but great poem. Ns is luking xo different

  4. Thanks Clemency. And yeah NS is sure goin places…and taking us along

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