Keep Off! (1)

Keep Off! (1)

We keep our roads we

keep our reptiles

we even keep our animals


Dereliction paints the surfaces of the national roads

with potholes that all-in giraffes can transform into

some kind of domicile


Be in cricket or tennis or

golf we demand indigenisation

Afrika is for Africans!

Don’t they know that?


There is fear that the abrupt inclusion of black players

into national teams is not based on merit but cronyism,

hence cricket is now chaotic as the world rankings bear

testimony to political mingling some circles have accused

the government of double standards and of practising

regionalism tribalism and reverse racism where they

berate whites of lack of patriotism on one hand (they

hardly attend ‘national` events, like the independence

or heroes day or other juicy galas) on the other hand

they host world class white sportspersons in lavish

presidential residences as queens and kings who give

the country international pride


Let those who say the

transport system has collapsed

by virtue of fuel shortages

take a nap on the roads!


Damning reports of casualties have not stirred the minister of

roads to resurface or widen the roads which kombis and buses

jangle on daily

and one war vet has stunned the protesting commuters by telling

them what bloody counter-revolutionary irritants or tea-boys of the

West they are proudly he claims he died in the bush for

the country!


Lies! Lies! Lies!

all the same the land

reform will go on

we’re revolutionaries

(a fist in ferocious wavering )

they rush

to their masters

don’t listen to

our detractors

apologists of the


and stooges of the West

we will crash them

our war credentials are perfect

we have solid support from our

brothers and sisters even in America

(the national TV runs a hyped footage

of a presidential hero’s welcome

by Harlem residents)

we’re impeccable

we will build on our series

of successes

all the arms of government

are raring to go


Some commentators are saying by the way things are turning out the

land reform is set to be a huge ‘land deform’

yet claims of a series of successes are a mirage save

for successes in impoverishing and oppressing the populace

a number of newspaper analysts concur that no sane black

American will support oppressive African leaders, let alone pray

to be ruled by them after centuries of racism and slavery

they say the Harlem meeting was one propaganda tool and

hoax stage-managed and used by poor overzealous blacks

accused of various crimes in cahoots with their ruling black

elitists from Afrika who seek to be shored up by hook and

crook since their ship is sinking because of bungling and

international unpopularity.

4 thoughts on “Keep Off! (1)” by Ndaba (@starrider)

  1. Is this a poem?

    No matter how loose a poem is, it must ‘obey’ some certain meters for it to be considered as such. The structure on this one is ‘one kain’ – as though you couldn’t decide whether it should be a poem or prose.

    Asides all that, I like the lines and the message.


  2. Well, its your work, you can do it any how you like, even if it doesn’t look right to others.

  3. @starrider I love the content of thepiece above…

  4. Thanks for your comment.

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