He sits with donkeys
Talks excitedly with the flowers
Pokes and teases the fauna
But grew quiet when James approaches
And fearful when Janet sits close

The Hibiscus demands nothing from him
The mule looks at him with daft soulful eyes
It does not task his intellect
But Peter’s sober tirade calls his IQ to question
Patrice’s smiles and soft touches aren’t free

The human world is so difficult
All interactions are exploitative
Symbiotic relationships be damned
Parasitic relationships the rave
Human predators all around him

Flora and fauna are so much fun
Homo sapiens are a pain
On guard, distrustful, suspicious
This is no way to live
But this is what life has become.

6 thoughts on “Iffy” by sassystel (@ibagere)

  1. “But grew quiet when James approaches”
    Tense confusion.
    What is Iffy? Who is peter?
    Who is Patrice? I know poems are supposed to be confusing, but this one is worse than usual.
    But writing anything is a difficult task.
    Well done.

  2. Iffy is a human or animal (more human to me) who has found solace in nature. in plants and animals, rather than humans,because of the exploitative nature of man and the stress they bring. That’s my own opinion sha. But I like the poem.

  3. The last two lines sum up the crux of the poem, which is the irony of living with ‘modern day’ humans; can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

    Subject matter is poignant & relevant, delivery not so poignant

  4. Am afraid i’ll have to ask the same question: who is Iffy?

  5. @Ohmston Weth, i believe the question is WHAT IS IFFY? Thanks for reading. If you will be kind enough to google the word, check merriam- webster online 2012. (Iffy: having many uncertain or unknown qualities or condition, inconsistent or unreliable quality etc). @EXCELLENCY. Thanks, guess, i ve answered the question. @Themann, Thanks. Noted. @Sarah Ukotn Thanks. Iffy is neither man nor animal oh. @Kaycee, Thanks. Will work on the tenses.

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