I Wish I Could Be Free

I Wish I Could Be Free

I wish I could be free

To roam every street and climb every tree

To tell my tale

And at will flail my tail


To sit on the stars

Or even sojourn to Mars

To dance like there is no end

Even though in a minute I could be dead


To love without stopping

And hear my heart throbbing

To fly on eagle’s wings

And sit like a king of kings


But no matter how strong my faith

I still have to live my life, my fate

For even as my yearnings be

Only remind me of what cannot be

18 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Be Free” by uzywhyte (@uzywhyte)

  1. Interesting. This reminds me of d nostalgic feelings I get sometimes

  2. Yes, nice work.
    A man without control and restrictions is a Dan iska

  3. Love the flow, smooth…
    but never alternate faith for wishes, a wish is at the lowest wrung of the heights faith can climb…

    1. Will keep that in mind@excellency

  4. In my opinion, mature!

  5. @uzywhyte.. Nicely written. Just love the flow and rhymes. Thumbs up!

    1. I’m glad you like it@shomyk

  6. *sigh* wish i could be free too but man gats to do what man gats to do

    1. Thanks dear@gabblletalker

  7. @uzywhyte
    I wish
    beyond a dish
    singing a song
    keeping me among

  8. Thanks for reading @innolifa

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