Dunni 10 – Babs is an excellent kisser?

Dunni 10 – Babs is an excellent kisser?

Dunni couldn’t remember when she’d had to creep around like this. She’d thought her job was stressful, now she couldn’t wait to get back to it and leave this Nigerian drama behind. The memorial service and reception were over and her mother had come to where she’d been with the event planner and the caterers to tell her to go immediately to the priest’s office. Dunni watched through the louvered windows as the guests spilled out of the reception hall and milled around in the church premises. She had called Toyin after speaking with her mother to ask for an update. Toyin had assured her their plans were going accordingly, and that she’ll be sending someone along shortly. Dunni had given her the time and place for the rendezvous and now she was waiting.

Deciding from the clock on the wall that she had about ten minutes to kill, Dunni looked around the slightly cluttered office. The priest’s table was the only oasis of calm, and the polished wood shone, bare of any books or papers, or even the robes that were draped over the other chairs and surfaces. She had not paid much attention to the man during the service, having been huddled for most of it with Toyin, but now she wondered what sort of man he was. The sound of the door being pushed open had her eyes flying in that direction and her heart began to pound. A male hand cranked the door further open, and her thoughts scrambled over each other. It couldn’t be Toyin’s accomplice for her, he was way too early! The person was only supposed to come in after Madame Prospective inlaw had been in here for some minutes.

Dunni rushed forward to ask him to leave, and in that instant, the door was forcefully thrown open. It banged against the wall behind it, and she jumped back in fright.

“I’m so sorry…” the masculine voice trailed off and the owner smiled slowly as Dunni watched recognition light up his eyes. The familiar twitch began from the corner of his lips till they were stretched wide across the pearl white teeth that had refused to leave her memory.

“You!” she screeched.

“Hello, Dunni,” he said, walking further into the room after jamming the door shut. “I’m sorry about the door but it appeared to be wedged, hope you weren’t too alarmed.”

Dunni didn’t know what to think. Was he here at Toyin’s request? Had he been following her? But no one else knew she was here. The plan was for Toyin to send one of their male cousins to interrupt her meeting with the unwanted mother-in-law. Dunni would then tear into the guy with an unmatched rudeness that would’ve turned the woman off completely. So this was the worst possible time for him to be here. She had to get him out of here or he would ruin her plans. But how could she get him out? Why was he just standing there, staring at her?

“You look amazing! Very different from…”

“What are you doing here?”

“Don’t you just want to know?” he mocked, moving closer to her. “How long has it been now? I’ve missed you, did you miss me? Even if it’s just a little?”

So close, his scent enveloped them, filling her breath and making her think it was sticking to her skin, branding her. He smiled that killer smile again and she struggled to ignore how it set her insides fluttering, guessing he knew what effect it had on women. He reached out to touch her and she grabbed his hands and tried to use them to turn him around.

Her brain reminded her she had a plan to execute which was her only way out from an arranged but unwanted marriage and she briefly thought of the prospective mother-in-law that would be entering the office in the next few minutes. If she stayed here with Babs, the woman would walk in on them, and the result could be the same – a cancelled wedding. Still…

“You have to leave,” she said in a voice that came out husky. She dropped his hands and pushed against his shoulders feebly. “You can’t be here.”

The smile became even more brilliant if that was possible, and he allowed her to move him towards the door. Her hands felt hot where it touched him but it was only when he turned back to her that she realized what she had done. By stretching out her arms, she’d left her body wide open and his turn brought them flush against each other. In her heels, he was just that little bit taller than her, the perfect height she’d always dreamed would make for the perfect kiss. His muscular chest pushed into her, and her already soft insides melted. This man should have danger plastered all over him; he was a walking, breathing demolisher of a woman’s defenses. She knew hers were shot. Or maybe she had been celibate too long.

She felt his arm go around her waist and looked up into his face. Maybe this would all work out for the best. It was somehow different from her agreement with her cousins but the end would justify the means. But think of the scandal, a small voice in her head mocked her, think of your parents. But Dunni was finding it harder and harder to think as he drew closer to her by the second and she wondered if something was wrong with her eyesight. Was he really coming in for a kiss?

The pressure of his lips against hers swamped her in a fog of desire. She relaxed and gave in to the delicious kiss, allowing her eyes to drift closed as the kiss went on, finally admitting to herself that she simply wanted more of the kiss.

And indeed the kiss was nothing to shake a stick at. Babs was excellent kisser. After the first brief kiss, he started again, small nips on her bottom lip and around the corners of her mouth. When she opened, he came in again, licking along the inside of her upper lip with just the tip of his tongue. She touched his tongue with hers, stroking from side to side, but when she tried to move closer, he withdrew completely. Dunni opened her eyes, and was met with his. She noticed that his pupils were brown and wide, different from the shrunk black she’d noticed in the sun of the Erin-Ijesha car park.


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  1. Wow! you’re good, abeg. I felt every touch of the romance…lol.

    1. hehehe…this is what I like to read. Thank you Eletrika. Let me know of any parts that need improvement too.



  3. Now, I used to think, I was a good kisser…..
    I have to print this out and hold it during my next kissing bout.

    1. you try, you don see manual.

      1. LOL… Don’t mind him :)

  4. Correct manual…
    I like the flow, just seemed to come together .

    1. Thanks Seun and Elly.

  5. Nice one Myne..sizzling chemistry. Nice kiss description too..that was the theory, now for the practical…….

    1. Hmm…make sure you’re trying with the right person. That chemistry is very important.

      1. Yeah. He’s the kind of guy who would experiment kissing with an alligator. Right.


        1. Ha! Aligator ke… Lol! Seun you harsh oo

          @myne Nice one. I actually learnt something useful…

          1. Check for ‘sarcasm’.


          2. I didn’t teach you o, lol…

  6. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    hmmmm! I like this! great narrative,just the right amount of details, utterly believable characters….Bravo!

  7. Nice write up, @kaycee i never knew you could hold a paper in your hand and stare at it while kissing

  8. Beautiful craftmanship….it’s really nice….

  9. @MYNE lovely………..

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