What do you tell a broken heart?

What do I tell my heart?

What do I do to make it stop aching?

What do I drink, what pill is out there to mend a broken heart?

Do you know?  I need a salve, a balm, a drink….anything

My heart is broken and I cant fix it! It’s dashed into a million tiny fragments

My eyes are leaking, torrents and torrents of tears

Shoulders hunched over, palms clamped over my eyes to stop the leak…

Pained screamed echo around the room we once shared

A painful reminder of the emptiness that used to house a heart

My body laments for my broken heart, stomach refuses to keep anything, eyes seem to have broken a pipe somewhere, and brain…..hmm

Well, brain is mad at us all!

“I told you, I told you!!” It continuously screams on

No sympathy, arms crossed, staring down at us all…”I told you! I told you this would happen!” it repeats.

My chest is hollow, it hurts, I tap my chest and kpo, kpo, kpo, an empty echo responds

Shoulders hunched over, tears flowing uncontrollably

What do you tell a broken heart…..mine is and I dont know how to fix it

Please what I can I take, is there a balm, salve, a drink…..anything

My heart is broken and I cant fix it! It’s dashed into a million tiny fragments

10 thoughts on “What do you tell a broken heart?” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. I Feel for you heart but i think the only balm that heals a broken heart is time.

    1. Thanks @ifiokobong, you are right….time should do the trick

      1. Pardon my french but time doesn’t do shit.

        Think about the process – and then state exactly what time does.

        Correct. Nada.

  2. If your heart is broken you should be dead.

    1. @kaycee, ha ba, lol!!! why so serious……..

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Er, seriously, this reads like a badly acted nollywood scene. Passion and feeling, not a multitude of words. :)

    Keep improving. We’re all students. Learning.

    1. Thanks, Did you know that once, Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look alike competition and didnt even make the finals? I guess sometimes when the realest emotion is before our eyes, we still miss it huh…. it sucks though, but I appreciate the comment,

      1. @mobola, that story real? maybe ’twas just me. I’ve been penned unromantic for sooo long ;)

  4. It’s suppose to convey the pain, confusion and lost feeling that usually follows a ended relationship (I assume); but I oddly find it bereft of emotion. It feels like a collage of well-written words…understand?

    Maybe its just me…no disrespect.
    It is beautiful tho.

  5. Eventhough i agree with seun,i think this deserves commendations.thanks for sharing

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