Things remain the same.

Things remain the same.

Things remain the same but man changes
I never knew this till I was old enough to understand the world

my innocence snatched from me by life’s cocky hands.
i discovered that life was not for the faint in heart
When I was a boy, I crave for adulthood
I cursed those who wanted me bound by childish things.
When the world sleeps
And most men lay in bed and dream
Dreams with their eyes opened
I lay stone upon stone in my heart
Building my castles in the air
Of how my future will be
Where things will not remain the same

My dreams were never definite in nature
Sometimes mere wishes
My future at the university flashed through my eyes, like flicking lights
I will go out with my friends, chase after girls
No more curfews to dampen a good day
Do better than my father before me.
I lived each day waiting for my future
As mundane as my yearnings were
It never failed to put a smile on my face
a place where things will not remain the same.

As the days rolled by into weeks
And weeks  into month
With each passing years, came wisdom
The bitter truth, though my parents were no longer there to sanction curfews
Society held me down with her  rules
When she didn’t, I made some of my own to guide me through life.
Eventually when the ladies came, they were never naive and simple like I cajoled them in my dreams
It dawned on me that I actually lived in
A future that was not true, a castle that never existed
And things sometimes remain the same.
We live, we grow old and we die.

2 thoughts on “Things remain the same.” by Irene Ese (@cindypoppa)

  1. When I was a boy I crave(d) for adulthood.
    “As the days rolled (by) into weeks” this line would be better without “by”.
    “With each passing year” not “with each passing years”
    And the last line felt incongruent with the poem.

    Well done.

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