Paid Positions now open at NS Publishing

Paid Positions now open at NS Publishing

NS Publishing Ltd is the newly registered holding company for Since the launch of the site in March 2010, Naija Stories has grown from strength to strength, boasting of a collection over 1,50o stories, poems, articles and plays on topics as diverse as romance, adventure, suspense and the supernatural. We’ve organised a variety of successful competitions and have got coverage in the international media. And we would like to thank YOU – the members of this site, who have contributed so much in stories and comments.

This site is already the premier destination for avid readers, budding and established writers, and authors in Nigeria, ranking at just 57,591 on and with several thousand hits daily. We want to continue to encourage the growth of a strong community here on the site, and are now ready to hire people to help assist in achieving our goals.

Positions available: Specifically, we’re looking to fill 2 positions.

1. Community Manager

– assist people who have just joined the site become familiar with what is going on, and to help them become fully participating members of the Naija Stories community. You will also perform other duties as assigned by the Editor.

– grow the Naija Stories discussion forums and moderate activities around the site as a whole. You will also perform other duties as assigned by the Editor.

– identify publicity opportunities for Naija Stories in the press and social media. You will write press releases, and send out regular newsletters to Naija Stories Members. You will also perform other duties as assigned by the Editor.

– encourage submission of good content to by personally seeking out aspiring writers on blogs, Facebook, and other social media.

2. Editorial Assistant

– provide constructive feedback to writers and encourage the same from other qualified readers.

-work with the site editors to maintain the high quality of the site while ensuring our content is interesting, relevant, and accessible to all visitors.

– manage the site’s response to member requests, complaints, and problems regarding published/submitted work.

– generate commissioned articles on Arts, Literature, and publishing in Nigeria. These articles will be featured on Naija Stories and other relevant websites. You will also perform other duties as assigned by the Editor.

– assist in editing and publishing stories in line with the guidelines of the site.  You will also perform other duties as assigned by the Editor.

These are both part-time paid positions. Remuneration is negotiable based on experience and hours worked.

You also stand to gain the following;

Naija Stories is currently managed by a core administrative team, who have a wide network of contacts and experience across several industries and countries. The site is also a pioneer effort in the area of using social networking to promote the reading, writing, and book publishing industry in Nigeria. By joining our team;

– You will be part of this initiative, and satisfy your passion for reading and writing. You will also become one of the prominent members of the site, and will have your profile listed in a prominent Board Leaders tab with links to your personal blog or website.

– You will gain valuable work experience and transferable skills in communication, customer services, organisation and leadership. You will be doing this with the full support and assistance of the the site administrators (and those of you who have been on the site know how responsive the site administration is).

– Lastly, we believe that in the next few years, there is going to be an explosion of awareness for popular fiction as more and more people begin to read and write for pleasure in Nigeria. By volunteering for Naija Stories, you’ll be part of the history of this explosion, as you help to promote the vision of the site.

Requirements: So if you think that you are:

– helpful, patient and friendly;

– reasonably familiar with the site, or (more importantly) willing to learn enough about the site to help others;

– passionate about making Nigerians more interested in reading and writing for pleasure;

– prepared to spend a committed amount of time online weekly;

– pro-active/self-motivated in getting any assigned duty done;

– very good with written English;

– willing to communicate with the Editors of Naija Stories via chat, email or phone;

– full of creative ideas on how to help to grow the site community;

Application Process: Please send a mail to,

This email should state the following;

– Your name,

– Your location – city you live in,

– Which position you’re interested in

– Why you’re interested,

– What, if any, ideas you have to improve and promote the site, and

– How much time you have available to work each week.

– How much you expect to be paid per week.

33 thoughts on “Paid Positions now open at NS Publishing” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Now isn’t this a welcome development?

    This is interesting. Laudable. Commendable. Well done, NS.

    I think I will apply. Let me mull over it for a bit…

    Well done, NS.

  2. My two hands are up. That’s if you find me eligible enough. You know I no dey do pass myself.

    Well done NS.

    1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

      @babyada! rolling with laughter. You nor do pass yourself yet your hands go up. My sister, apply abeg :d

  3. This is wonderful.
    Well done NS

      1. @kaycee, hehehe… Sorry my brother. I have been underground for a veeeeeery long time, both here, fb and twitter. Too much going on, that’s all. Hopefully, all that is about to change. How have U been? Been holding the fort while I’ve been away, U n @Seun-Odukoya?

        1. Of course! Trust Musketeers na

          1. @kaycee, I trust una bro…

  4. This is simply amazing,juicy and yummy yet tasking.THIS IS WORK!

  5. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    So admin, if I apply for the second post, will I get the job… ;;) I need the extra cash pass all this dudes walai =))

  6. @admin.
    I reckon you are going to be having about 3,000 applications. I am a nice fellow, so i am volunteering (100 dollars per applicant) to do the screening of the applicants for you.
    Here are the names of those i have screened out already…


    This is great! kudos.

    1. @kaycee… when you are worn out by that stubborn applicant; the 50th of them; when you can’t go further; when hope seems lost; and help seems far; I’ll be a shoulder; where you can lean on; for only 50 dollars per applicant; for the last 2500 applicants. It’s called YOU WIN, I WIN. (I’m banking on you to cinch that contract)
      Yours faithfully

      1. @supremo, u have urself a deal.

        Wait… U are male???
        Keep ur shoulders to urself.
        No deal.

  7. If only I could get that second job *shakes head*

    1. Who says you can’t?

  8. This is nice…

  9. Hmmmn. @admin. Are people living outside the country eligible?

    1. @vescucci we will consider all applications irrespective of location.

  10. No time. Good idea though. @kaycee, you suppose apply sef.

  11. No time. Good idea though. @kaycee, you suppose apply sef… If @admin would be able to cope with your bursts of madness and incurable craze! hehehehehehe

    1. @banky
      You might be limiting my CV o.

      What craze? The craze brings fun to the site na. I don’t want
      my free spirited wings to be cut o

  12. This is so nice. Things are definitely getting better. Never slack, @admin.

  13. this i should say is the original idea of NS! i think so! good!!!!!!\

  14. Good job@admin.Keep the flag flying.

  15. This is nice!…Part time paid employment at NS…wow..things are happening!

  16. fantastic- this can only come from naijastories. good people good thinking-good product

  17. Very very nice initiative. Thumbs up @admin.

  18. @Admin…. am still waiting to be updated ooo..I sent a mail before now with my email

  19. Nice.@admin….are the positions still vacant? Been away for my final exams… So I am as free as a bird.

  20. i wish i knew earlier about this maybe i could have applied. I live NS, more grace to your elbow. keep up the good work

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