I am not Nigerian

Doh re mi

Mi re doh

re mi re mi

Across the shores of a land

long developed i trod

yet i never forgot the musical notes

of my mother tongue.


Oluwakemi-re mi re mi re

when they asked what name i bore

i proudly sang out my identity

you also can make music out

of your name i urged the colored

i say colored because they say

“i am white”

is not white a color?


they call me black and i

shake my head in rejection

i am not black

black and white does not

exist in heaven from whence i come

only male and female

i am female


they say i act like the rest of them

Nigerians who cheat, lie and corrode

i spit out with fervor

i am not Nigerian

They named the Giant of Africa so

i am not Nigerian


i am Akanke-Doh doh mi

i am a beautiful dark complexioned

female of yoruba descent,

Arewa Adumaradan

i was Yoruba before the colored man made me Nigerian

i am

i am Yoruba-Doh Doh Mi


As i returned to the land of my birth

my heart beat faster

Ajo da bi ile

though i envy the sanity

of the foreign land

i only felt free

when my feet touched

native soil.



9 thoughts on “I am not Nigerian” by emilyonikaba (@shewhoisloved)

  1. You are a poet in the making. keep it up.

    1. i sure will, thanks

  2. This is beautiful.

    1. thanks kaycee

  3. Great. the tone was almost musical.

  4. thanks. i think so too

  5. Way to go, I enjoyed reading this.

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