Bride in Waiting – Spoken Word

Bride in Waiting – Spoken Word

I was but a child

when I was told I was a bride in waiting

A book with words written in Gold

was all I had to learn of  my groom,THEY called it the HOLY BIBLE

of all his prophets and servants,

no one knew when he would return

but they said he would come like a thief  in the night

so they asked that I be ready.



As I read of this book,

I realized that he  had walked the surface of the earth once

Those who saw him said

he came to make life easier

that I may wait for his return

so they taught me

To walk,talk,dress

and even think like him.



While I waited, many other suitors came

to ask for my hand in marriage

many I remember,the rest I wish to forget

first of them was PRIDE

He was tall and handsome

shoulders higher than the twin towers of  new york

yeah, sure you guessed

he listened  to no one but


then came FASHION

HA! he was different

he was just  BEAUTIFUL

he painted me in all colors of the rainbow,

he made me feel Strong,pretty and

OH! bless me!

he made the world worship at  my feet!

and made me feel like a goddess in

the midst of those whom I called friends

he used me for his delight,

turning me into a puppet

allowing me to cover and show my nakedness

only, as he pleased.



AH HA! how can I forget?

CULTISM, he was like the rest

but he, he offered me more,

he said he would protect me

and that nothing! living under the earth

not even death would hurt me

He fascinated me!

Against all odds I accepted his request

just like the others

turning deaf ears to the prophets and servants

my groom had kept to nurture me

In the length of time, he had turned me into a slave

even I feared myself for he had poured all manner of

libations on my skin, turning my body into a mere object

putting tattoos and devilish images on it as he pleased.

each time I wept, not for the pain but because I knew

my body was meant to be sacred, a temple of worship

for my groom to be.

what scared me most was how he had turned me into a

human slayer!

when I was with him I had little or no value for

human life,

I slaughtered them, both family and friends

without care of how they felt.

I had become a beast.

all through this time, others came


OH!bless me the list never ends..

each of them had a seep of me

using me for their selfish purposes

reducing me to nothing but a cheap, hopeless child.

I was weak could not fight back.



Then he came, FORNICATION

I remember him too well to forget

I adored him,HE loved my flesh

We spent time saying sweet nothings to each other

promising lies that made hell smile

Then he asked that I surrender ME to prove love

I was broken,  I was all I had left for my groom- to- be

so I begged,but he wont listen

bit by bit he began to take the little I had left

Then I considered myself nothing but a waste.

waste of space, time and resources.

so I gave in.

As I sat waiting for him to come and claim

me, a voice spoke to me.

Beloved.” fear not’ he said ” for I have given you power

to trade upon snakes and scorpions”

I feared for I knew not who had spoken

“I am the lord mighty in battle”

he said reading my thoughts

as he spoke, light so bright I feared to look shone in my soul

we spoke a while and he told me tales.

tales of truth and love.

As I basked in his comforting presence,

FORNICATION came,he seemed to notice my guest

his face wrinkled in anger.

“I come for thy soul” he said

“too late, for I own it no more” I replied

my words had lit fire in his eyes,

his anger had set sail

from his lips he spoke words of accusation

and called me names that reminded me of my past

I could take them no more,I rose and stood tall

I knew the former was a man of valour

I roared with the loudest of my voice

“sins set me free,for my body be not a temple for thee

but for the one who created me”

as I spoke,I saw the father smile

then I said words most of which i don’t know

what happened next i don’t remember

but what i knew I was prepared to do as my groom wished

for I was a bride in waiting…



I still have no Idea if this should be posted here,and if anyone can understand it at all..without all the acting..spoken word .wrote it for church weeks ago.all opinions very well welcomed thanks.



20 thoughts on “Bride in Waiting – Spoken Word” by katiee (@katiee)

  1. Interesting. There are quite a number of captivating lines. I would say though that you should not neglect punctuation in poetry. Capitalize letters coming after full stops and exclamation marks. Use words in capital letters sparingly. In fact, I think that you should let the crafting of the poem highlight such important words for us.

    I was tempted to say that this is prose arranged in lines of verse. But I enjoyed the rhythm in many places so I would rather say that you should tighten this; make it more imaginative and you would have something really wonderful. Maybe you can look at Susan Lenzkes poems on the back front cover of Everyday With Jesus for some comparison.

    Well done. Keep improving your art. There is no end to learning.

    1. I think that the difference is this ‘SPOKEN WORD’ – in other words it was written to be performed and not to be read, so you really cannot ‘feel’ it by reading it. You dig?

      I think it’s nice. I think it works for me – just as it is.

      No arguing with you o, @chemokopi. Introducing another perspective, I am.

  2. Thanks alot for stopping by…will sure use all corrections.

  3. Beautiful poetry. I saw poetry all the way. Please you musnt touch this.

    1. thank you very much….@ Ohmston Weth….

  4. Nice try @katiee
    I really like this line:

    “….promising lies that made hell smile…”
    Keep it up!

  5. I understood it. So please do not touch the poem. What you need to do however is to correct the typos. like you wrote TRADE instead of TREAD… amongst others. It is well…

    May we all know HIM and the power of HIS resurrection. May we be ready brides when HE appears. Kudos

    1. @daireen..yez sire! handz are totali off then..hehe…thankz for reading thou

  6. I didn’t finish it all sha, but from the part i read, you did a good job.

    “was all I had to learn of my groom, (THEY called it the HOLY BIBLE.)”
    The part in brackets could have been done without. It made the line too…

  7. @katiee AWESOME! perhaps a little lengthy? I looovvee the beginning though :)

  8. @katiee … It’s worth posting here over and over again… I love it – the words were carefully chosen… the style, quite captivating… keep on…

    1. Fankz@elvepoetry

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