Weeping Joy

Weeping Joy

I cry with the laughter spirit
Holding on through life’s cultivated meaning
I laugh out loud
As ‘bad news’ spreads
For then is time for laughing sessions.
I rave intelligent sounds
Though expressed as quiet sighs
Productive stares I give.
At those times where expectations are wild
I laugh out loud
With heartfull tears
In gratitude for dangers passed
And mangers built.
I cry with the laughter spirit
For there, I build my strenght
I do this, this I do
Knowing deep down
That this too, will pass.

3 thoughts on “Weeping Joy” by nkemjika (@nkemjika)

  1. The angle of your ‘oxymoronic’ title pricked my curiousity. Good try!

  2. Yeah, look in the face of your troubles and laugh. Do that and you deprive them of their power. You steal their thunder.

    Thumbs up, Nkem.

  3. love your constructions

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