Waiting for mom…

Waiting for mom…

Am looking at my mom and am thinking, my Dad got himself a steal.NO! seriously, for a marriage with no bride price and total obedience,He must have won a lottery called WIFE.when it comes to love am no believer but this case,I rest my believes.she is good.

Yes i know, Its  not  mothers day and we all have great moms but sometimes I think mine is the best.My father got an all-in-one pack for a wife. HOUSE KEEPER,COOK,MOTHER, WIFE..the list never ends.Oh! I forgot to say, she is his personal accountant too.Well I guess I”ll start the this whole thing from then.was thinking of where to start from.

Where was I?..oh! yes!..SHE, my- mom is his personal accountant.Lets just say now she is a part-time house wife.She went through all the levels of school and  got all the accounting degrees. but she dropped it when they “got married”.. yes in quotes because there was only a change of name,no bride price, no weddings. After the ” marriage” he asked her to stay at home and take care of his children.yeah I herd that’s what they all do.She did not like the idea but she threw all the years and school fees all for obedience.In my opinion to clear his mind, he asked her to manage his businesses. there’s really nothing to it. just using your accounting knowlegde plus the usual money transfer and all other necessities.

My Mom? sometimes I think shes is  superwoman.With her normal motherly chores, high blood pressure and the stress of taking care of 3 boys and one girl,she still accommodates her husbands nephews, nieces and so on with all their problems.Still, there’s little or no complain. oh did I say..she manages to stay fit for my dad. not too fat, not too slim. In fact shes not fat at all.Am sure dad will love her anyhow but she leaves no stone untouched.Really, I think his lucky. She runs all his business errands, house keeping, and endures all his shouting when he gets mad gets mad over and error he probably made.Sometimes I wander if she has no feelings.but as I grew, my friends told me they always sort it out.They talk, apologies and cuddle at the end because that’s what grown ups do.

Am sure you guessed, YES! my dad it the business tycoon type.From his oil company work to his personal business so, obviously my mom has to spend more time with us.She goes form the easy girl menstruation talk to the boys wet dreams, porn and all other packages boys come with.Again please don’t get me wrong, My dad gives us lots of attention. He comes to school to visit atleast one or two visiting days a year.Drops us off a few times but we understand and are contented but his wife? NO!, she needs an award for the job.

Oh! yes did i say my mom?..she just shocks me well not just me..everyone.Permit me to say, my dad is very well paid plus, he owns his own businesses one of which cars is involved.Just so you get it.Now with all that money and a typical African society. My mom half looks it.With her slim figure, low cut hair,casual jeans and OK top, you will pass her for just a common everyday struggling woman.When ever I had the courage to ask, she said she wanted  her children to be comfortable and become rich.then they can buy her the super expensive clothes.Then I knew she was just plain humble,she always thinks of others first. You know when I was little, I always felt ashamed when she didn’t come to visit me in a fleet of cars or dressed like a gold shopping mall like my friends parents who also worked in oil companies.Now, I know better.

Am writing this long boring story cos since July mommy has not been very bubbly and happy.First, her own mom got sick and she wasn’t happy because she her mom might never get the chance to get her bride price since her dad is dead.I don’t blame my dad anyways,I just blame men’s in-sensitiveness to sensitive  things.To him he’ll love her with or without a big wedding.I still love him dearly thou.

You know when ever I pray, I ask God to teach me to love, give, care and be calm like my mother and Him.she has a really big heart.And did I say we started having those awkward yet funny conversations about boys.My father is always a great example of who she thinks I should marry. that’s when he pays the bride price.ha!…now all this happy us is history.Last night, I watched my mom lie on a hospital bed.They, the people with white long coats..DOCTORS..they said they do not know what is wrung with her yet.Partly I was happy, because she would at least rest for a while.And at least for some days her blood sugar will be normal.But as usual she was trying to be strong, strong for us, strong for her husband and strong so that they world will not say she a bad wife.I never knew what it meant to be scared for my whole 17 years until i saw tears in mommy’s eyes last night.she was also giving those fake smiles she seemed to master for the past two days.but now, I know better because even my dad blinked a tear back when he looked at her.When I looked at him, I knew he was scared too.he was scared to lose his lottery price,but he was trying to b a man.

Now am here,awake,I cant sleep because mommy is not sleeping.she is not here.She with them and their white coats.so am scared to sleep.And I have to take care of the rest until shes back.My dad said it might be a long time. but I will wait.I wont read bedtime stories like she does or tell everyone about God just like she does.but the least I could do is try.She always asked me to think of  happy thoughts when am sad.so this were my happy thoughts.And I thought of her coming home tomorrow.So please don’t ask me to sleep because am waiting for my mom.


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  1. @katiee i like this, so touching. But the typos are too much, haba! I was reading and editing. Please learn to edit properly or pay someone to do it for you. Nice work.

    Is ur mom back?

    1. thanks…has nothing to do with my mom now just some writing I did in secondary skool.saw it and decided to put it up here..nd the types am sowee am just so used to short forms and different spelling of wordz guess i have a lot’a improving to do..thanks thou

  2. I pray your mom gets better for you….

  3. is this a story? an ode to mom?

    this was unbearable to read…

  4. Learn spacing and right use of capitals.

  5. nice story, though needs editing!!

  6. This read like a non fiction but I see it is tagged fiction and from your comments I deduce it is indeed fiction. Writing it like a non fiction did not make for an engaging read.
    And watch the typos too. It makes it look like you don’t respect your audience enough to edit your work.

  7. @katiee This one caught me entranced… bravo!

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