Unwanted Night Guests.

Unwanted Night Guests.


When the birds lose their voices

And go to rest at night,

They sneak in with secret tales

Before the eye of dawn is seen.


And then,

The body tosses and turns

In an attempt to avoid their deadly bite

While sleep leaves the eyes

Like lovers parting unwillingly.


These blood thirsty insects

Whose tender mercy is cruelty

Are incidentally accorded undue applaud

As they narrowly escape the snare of their host.


Should my sleep not depart

Should an untidy surrounding be healthy

Should malaria be a blessing

Then you will become my friend

One with whom I will share my home.

6 thoughts on “Unwanted Night Guests.” by Austin De Poet (@austindepoet)

  1. I call you da poet,
    I appreciate the unspoken of the spoken.
    ‘Tis just a token o poet!

  2. You are a poet. Beautiful poem. Wonderful imagery.

    Well done and good luck.

  3. This Poem reminds me of my ballad to the mosquito. I guess I should dredge it out, dust the book, and reread the thing. reads like a romantic song *nostalgic*

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