The She

The She

She drew lines on bare earth,

Tears dripping from her eyes

She was blind, but it all seemed

She drew a great sea without fish


And in the sea, there was a sun

Berthing in and out without rays

Basking in the ripples of grit sand

Of the waters she hoped to drown


It is she, who knows what it feels

Stabbing the earth with the stick

Cursing with each single deep gash

As the blood sands of the sea spills!



Her Death

She didn’t die, they thought her dead

The sand o’er her tomb kept turning in

As if something was smoking the sand

Beneath the restless abyss of her tomb


In the burning embers of her sorrows

Her heart longs for justice from the sun

Like the tender foliage of earthed seed

In an unveiling spiritual yearning of light


In the wind she lost her breath and voice

That wordlessness so became her speech

In the wind too, nothing was left for her

Not even one stood by her, so she died


But they thought she died in her grave

That she is resting in peace or in pieces

Yet her soul would have no rest therein

Until all her assailants are slain by time!



Age of recompense

Time is slow, so are ages far wide apart

The dews of the sky and the moist of earth

Shall mingle with the sun’s breath within

To awaken life from death’s cold clutches


Like dripping water upon rocks in a cave

O’er time and tide ticking in trifle and strife

Subtly scalding strata of stones miles away

In the mystery of the strength of the weak


So shall the wind bear her spirit upon wings

To realm of justice beyond these lilies of lies

That the sun that was asundered by the night

Would in might, rise in recompense till dusk


It was she alone, who knew what it felt

As she stabbed the earth with the stick

Cursing with every single deeper gash

As the blood sands of the sea spilled!





8 thoughts on “The She” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. This read very nice.
    But i don’t know the meaning.

  2. I know they are quite deep but I couldn’t grasp the first and last. I do not even know if its all one poem.

  3. @kaycee @ohmston on the realm of poetic metaphysics.

  4. Hmmm, clarity in absurdity, what a way to write a poem.

    1. @alfa2 as the Muse muses in me!
      @Myne yeah, deep calls on deep.
      @daireenonline for the initiates in
      philosophical rigorousness and artistic
      @sambrightomo was enmeshed
      as if crushed…. you hit it.

      Thank you all.

  5. Quite deep. I struggled to follow but I appreciate the writing.

  6. I do not understand this at all. What does it all mean?

  7. This is undoubtedly a deep poem, from the recess of your being.I love the words employed therein, it very will paints imageries in the strongest terms.Thank you for sharing.

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