The Morning I Never Had

The Morning I Never Had

Its morning, when I jerk awake
That’s as much sleep as I can take
I’d dozed off around 10pm
And slept unplanned till 5am
I’m up, splash water on my face
Time to begin a full day’s race
I start by reading my bible
A fire in me it kindles
I take some minutes just to pray
Then go ahead and plan my day
By 6’o clock, I hear a knock
Its my neighbour, oh what a shock!
She needs to borrow some toothpaste
I oblige her; no time to waste
I brush my teeth, then take my bath
That’s my usual morning ritual
Now 6.30, so what I do
Is read some lines and write a few.
It’s still a while before my class
So I’ll leave at 8 or half past.
I settle down to read my books
I don’t think I’ll have time to cook
Suddenly, I hear a loud sound
From afar I hear it resound
Its my neighbour pounding my door
A noise I simply can’t ignore
‘Wake up Narco, you’re late for school,
When will you ever cease to snooze?’
I wake up, “9 am!” I sighed.
I’d never even left my bed
And all I’d done was in my head
Twas the morning I never had.

15 thoughts on “The Morning I Never Had” by Oyenwen Odia (@oyodia)

  1. Beautiful piece. Well done.

  2. So this kind of thing happens to you too? Most times I wake up, take my bath, go to class and even cook and eat before I realize I’m actually still in bed. It’s a nice poem.

    1. Its happens o! More times than I care to admit. But I don’t think I’ve ever gone as far as eating and going to class in my dream. :) thanks @sontel

  3. Nice concept, and nice poem. Well done and good luck.

  4. That awkward moment when you slept for five minutes but in reality you were out for hours. This is a very precise poem

    1. Lolz@daireenonline, really really awkward. Much Obliged.

  5. I start by reading my bible
    (From a newly acquired Kindle): digital world, just for sake of this.
    Bible is best read from the Book!
    A fire in me it kindles

    I brush my teeth, then take my bath
    (morning ritual of fresher breath)
    That’s my usual morning ritual

    The inception of some few kakistocratic lines could not deter the brilliance of this piece.

  6. I can just say is good luck.

  7. brilliantly done

  8. It’s neat but there are not much poetic elements in it beyond the fine rhymes.
    Nothing to make me pause and think (I’m the type that likes deep lines)
    It’s all superficial and could have easily passed for a song lyrics.
    The overall picture was however brilliantly rendered.
    Well done!

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