The Blessings of Maami

The Blessings of Maami


From the depths of her being

There gushes a mighty river

From a source well hidden within

the crucible of her spirituality.

She a giver;

Created just like the one who touts a ‘third leg’

The lot fell to her to become the ferryman of the little extra

required to spawn champions.


Her voice is a song

Her scoldings, ever so painful to bear at first,

Enshrine in us, character and values that birth tomorrow’s laurels

Her bosom is a fortress more secure than that fort

where gold is held captive in Barack’s country.

Her laughter gladdens the day

Even nature is discomfited at her pain and discomfort.


Has mother ever pulled you ear?

Has your backside ever felt the wrath of her slipper?

Have the unspoken words of her eyes ever chilled your bones?

Indeed we all have a tale to tell of mother at her punitive best

Yet, how quickly mother-inflicted sorrow disappears in her cuddle

How eager we are to hear her call us her pride and joy


She names her own with meaning

She raises her own with purpose

She models to her own the nobility in selflessness

Left to her, the one that has sucked at her paps

will not be bested in the field and in enterprise

The sacrifice of her essence simply will not allow it.


Father may be the foundation

Mother is the mortar,

Without which the bricks of society and nations are not held fast

I see her place now so clearly;

The Creator has given her the noblest of roles

She shall be a co-refiner; her heart and hands will mold destinies


As I face my sojourn on earth

Contending with the obstacles that litter my path

To becoming mother’s little one now grown

I remember the beneficial things for which I am grateful

That have given me strength from yesteryear

The blessings of my mother.

17 thoughts on “The Blessings of Maami” by dwisebaba (@dwise4life)

  1. great poem. it carries a powerful message and describes a very important figure. your poem flows well. the only blemish is ‘…you ears?’. i understand it’s just a typo.

    1. Thank you @clemency. And to think that I put a magnifying glass to this.

      1. i commit a lot of typos in spite of the painstaking manner i read through my work. Seriously, it takes nothing away from the beauty of this poem

        1. …and I am humbled some more. Thank you.

  2. great poem. it carries a powerful message and describes a very important figure. your poem flows well. the only blemish is ‘…pulled you ear?’. i understand it’s just a typo.

  3. Great poem, got tears streaming down my cheeks: the worth of a mother

  4. Mothers can never be extolled enough.
    Nice one.

    1. Gbam! The General has spoken @kaycee

  5. Thank you for emphasizing for the umpteenth time,the essence of motherhood.Thank you for sharing.

  6. This is a well-written tribute to a mother, you have a skill with words that was deployed with dexterity here.

    1. @Myne Thank you ma’am. Your endorsement swells the head and humbles the heart.

  7. Hmmm, reminds me of one of those nursery rhymes we used to recite way back in the primary school “who sat and watched my infant head
    When sleeping on my cradle bed…”, an excellent one here, thanks for sharing.

    1. @alfa2 that’s the beauty of a mother’s love. Nothing complex about it and that makes it easy to wax poetic about it in simple terms…

  8. My dear, this is really great, with a strong beginning and a gripping quality that runs through the entire poem. kudos

    1. @Nnenna-Ihebom thank you *taking a bow*

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