Seek Me

Seek Me

I seek, when as a kid,

for love undiluted and keen;

the love that quenches taste,

and flows so pure and clean.

Like spring from the fountain,

such love that won’t break my heart’

but helps me attain the mountain sunmit.

Not love of roses and blood,

but the love of eternal bond’

to break my lonely cord;

and bears my worldly cross.

Amidst friends and family, life and vanity;

i keep hearing an inner voice saying,

seek me.


I seek, even in my knowledge,

for the wisdom that will free me from bondage,

and emotional damage;

the wisdom to rule my kingdom,

guild me like a crooked stick in my old age;

to lead me through this dark age,

and pilgrimage.

Keep me strong when at the edge,

and give me an edge over my travails;

to say sorry when wrong.

Amidst truth and lies,

joy and sorrows,

i keep hearing an inner voice saying,

seek me.


I seek, even in my luxury,

for that home of comfort and rest,

rest from worries and stress;

with my map and compass,

in search for that promised land,

that flows with milk and honey,

and streets of gold.

Immortality, without anyone old,

but young and bold.

Am at a cross road,

one side so broad and free,

the other a rough terrain,only few follow.

I keep hearing an inner voice saying,

seek me.

8 thoughts on “Seek Me” by aceDprodigy (@1prodigy)

    1. kaycee, wat is the hmm abot?

  1. That voice. . . whose is it? It must be the voice of wisdom.

    1. u might just be right

  2. Seeking in progress…

  3. this was some kinda beautiful…

    well done!

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