One God, one blood

One God, one blood

We have one God,

Why are we seperated by faith?

We have one blood

Why are we seperated by race?

We are like pawns

Dancing to rhythms they orchestrate

Victims of mob psychology

Warped in psychological infantry


Kill the infidels!

They chant

Unbelievers rot in hell!

They preach

Each claims the supremacy of his god

Like heaven is their exclusive preserve

Forgetting we came from one source

Forcing their beliefs on us


Man’s communication with God

Each in his native tongue,

Acknowledging a supernatural force

Through different mediums

Identical points in a continuum

Honesty, peace and L♥√

Are religion’s basic norms

Why then all these divisions

Pogroms and shedding of blood

This is a feast for vultures


We are guinea pigs in their global


Specimen for the grand architects of the universe

Tools for social engineering of events

Masked in the smoke screen of coincidence


Religion was the basis for apartheid

Lent credence to racism

Strengtened the caste system

Put shackles on free minds


Now I can’t relate with my brother

Because he decides to serve Budda

I can’t marry my lover

Because the bishop is her father

And I was raised anglican

So she says don’t bother


Like bugs we should be attracted to the light,

Not follow these leaders like the blind

All they are after is our tithes

Not the gospel of Christ

7 thoughts on “One God, one blood” by chika nwakanma (@afroxyz)

  1. Timely and nicely rendered.
    I pray we listen.

  2. Inspired lines I must say./Religion was the basis for apartheid

    Lent credence to racism/ I Iike this.Your rhymes also adds to the beauty and aesthetic of the poem.Thank you for telling us that we should not fight a useless war all for religion.

  3. Hollow religiosity and ego defect!

  4. Beautiful…it started and ended beautifuly. Good ryhmes, great message.

  5. Thanks. I have performed my poems in other gatherings, and some people tend to take offence with my rhymes. Say it makes it less poetic. What do you think?

  6. Nice poetry. I enjoyed it.

  7. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Well written. iLike

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