My Plight

My Plight

Alone I sat in humble plight. Bleak!
The brimming mess of a murky world
heavy like Olumo wreathed on my neck
My eyes amid torrid tears and roving
then I asked:
what is it about?

About helpless bemoaning children
scampering about in want of sourless milk
About pregnant children heavy with quasioko
what is it about, again I ask, what is it about?

About death lurking around in the corners
like some victious vulture
about mothers daily drowned in the ocean of tears

what is it about?
about fathers bargaining the life of their children in selfish rootless rights
blinded by greed and deafened by ploy
About the seemingly uncertain future
looming and bleak.

6 thoughts on “My Plight” by Arewa (@arewaolamide)

  1. In a word… poignant. I gotta ask though, what are you doing to alleviate the pain?

  2. CARTHASIS.Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Thanks guys, its my first post here and am so encouraged by your comment. And @Daireen, I am working on a public education project tagged Culture exposé, its about cultural education, information, entertainment etc. u̶̲̥̅̊’ll see more of it soon

  4. The well never runs dry of these never-ending question in a poet’s mind

    Nice one!

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