Love Is Pain. Love Is Suffering

How absurd is the desire of a man?

Who trades the gem he possesses to covet what is but half in value


How confusing is the affection of a woman?

Who loves you less the more you love her


How foolish is the lass?

Who, at the simplest of kind gestures, falls hopelessly


How tragic is the lad?

Who once loved with all his heart, but is now an empty shell of dearth and apathy


How sad are the newlywed lovers?

Who have just run out of love to love with


How loyal is a man’s love

That it remains faithful through a thousand temptations


How simple is a woman’s love?

That endures on in love even as her lover’s submits to vagaries


How wise is a girl’s love

That ignores the struts and vaunts but peers into the heart


How inspiring is the boy’s love?

That after yet another broken heart, continues to love with what’s left of it


How enduring is the love of an old withering couple

That they find new ways to love each other despite is all


Love is absurd. Love is confusing. Love is foolish. Love is tragic. Love is sad. Love is loyal. Love is simple. Love is wise. Love is inspiring. Love is enduring. Love is pain. Love is suffering.





12 thoughts on “Love Is Pain. Love Is Suffering” by vescucci (@vescucci)

  1. I like this because of d message. I dont know much about poems but i think d message is beautiful.

  2. “27 year old Nigerian Engineer with a flair for writing and reading. That’s all you need to know :)

    Go to Vescucci d”Angelus’s profile, and read more of his/her posts.”

    What? Is 27 static? You see the problem with statistic (I don’t have problems with that though. I know how to deal with that).

    And what about the names? Is it for a person all alone? I mean Vescucci d”Angelus?

    Ok on the poem, you mean 10pts for an access? I guess Soyinka wouldn’t get much streaming on NS if he counts on others’ hard earned points.

    Guess it’s a beautiful line in there.
    The title of course has a fundamentun in rei.

    1. Lol. @ostar. I’m new to the site. I don’t yet have the hang of it. I didn’t know people were being charged to read the poem. Thanks for your comments. They made me laugh, especially the bit about 27 being static. I think I have ample time to update that, no? Lol. And Vescucci d’Angelus is my pen name. It has a small history

      1. By the way, how do I disable the charging thingie? And is there any other tips that may be useful on here?

  3. @vescicci, call on @admin. Oh, don’t mind. I’ve done that already.

    1. Awww, thanks. And LOL, my name is Vescucci. Everyone has a problem spelling that so just call me Vesc or V. Thanks @babyada

  4. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I totally loved these lines… maybe cos I can relate more…

    ‘How inspiring is the boy’s love?
    That after yet another broken heart, continues to love with what’s left of it’

    Anyways, I have a thing against this poem, it was perfect until the last two lines. Those just kinda diluted the entire passion and emotion that had culminated… still, this is a wonderful read, thanks for sharing. (y)

    1. Thanks @daireenonline. It’s funny you should say that for I was thinking of removing those lines. They’re superfluous and “dilutes the passion” as you said.

  5. absolutely beautiful!

  6. I love this…………

  7. Love is pain,love is suffering,I believe you 100%.

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