Do I love you? No!
Not for me that loosely-used word;
That much-abused cliche
That has lost much of its meaning.

What I feel for you is deeper
Than what bemused teenagers
Whisper to themselves;
Than what money-crazed girls say
When their minds are entirely on things mercenary;
Than what men tell too-believing women
In order to have a taste of the ‘paradise’ they carry.

My feelings transcend all these.
Are eternal, ageless, forever.
They may be clothed in differing hues,
And may move with the vicissitudes of life,
But are eternal, ageless, forever.

I love you.

17 thoughts on “Eternal” by magic (@magic)

  1. Wow! This is LOVE-ly!

  2. Awww. Sweet.
    I almost wanted to say ‘I love u’ back.

    1. ha ha ha ha haa!!

    2. And I will give an appropriate response! Thanks

  3. I see love in the air reading this.

  4. I read and re-read. Nice job @magic

  5. Hahaha @Kaycee, no, you ‘didn’t did it’ lol

    So LOVEly, yes, it is @Sunshine.

    Good job!

  6. I think it spots the cliche you are running from, and is a bit shallow in its descriptions and imagery; especially because the premise of the poem is to go deeper than what people now call love.

    But the last line, gives the poem a funny and ironic twist.

    Well done. Keep improving your art. There is no end to learning.

  7. This is lovely!

    But Chemokopi has some points.

  8. My thots exactly…excellently written

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