We Shall Stand

We Shall Stand

We Shall Stand
What they doth seek
We ve peeked and seen
Since against God and man
They’ve chosen to sin
And tear us apart
But solidly, like the rock
We shall stand!

Haven’t they struck hard enough
To make us go tough?
So many souls they ve untimely sent off
Hoping that soon we would go rough?

But Solidly like the rock
We shall stand!
Not even their wildest knock
Or a wind from their evil wand
Shall break this lock
Whose keys are in the divine hands

Cracked or segmented
We shall stand!
Same faith or different
We shall stand!
Culturally diverse or multilingual
We shall stand!
Solidly like the rock
We shall stand!

Do not you see their selfish plans
To drown you and I
In the sea of secession?

But solidly like the rock
We shall stand!
Against all odds
We shall stand!
United than ever
We shall stand!
Defeating their purpose
We shall stand!

And as we stand on the wings of victory
Singing our songs of glory
Their intent shall be a thing of history
Our struggles shall float on fame
While their faces are sunk in shame.

11 thoughts on “We Shall Stand” by Alfa2 (@alfa2)

  1. @alfa2, Wow…I feel your strong emotions for Nigeria through this poem. I like the hope that you portray and the strength that you lend and I can only pray that your last verse will come true one day…not too far away.
    But you should have placed this under poetry and not Flash category.

  2. Thanks QueenNobo, actually I had wanted this poem on the “Poems category”, but the thing is that Poems was not among the list of categories displayed while I was trying to post the poem. I don’t know whether it is because I used a mobile phone, but next time I would use a computer. Once again, thanks for the comment.

  3. @ Kaycee and Da writing engineer, I got you and I appreciate your gestures.

    1. Thanks, @ Ablyguy.

  4. We’ve….
    for they do not know, that a man’s spirit
    gains immortality when his blood is spilled!
    We’ve allowed them to die slowly without
    their blood spilt, that they may die for ages.

  5. I hear you!

  6. This Is Uplifting Defiant and Real . I love it. kudos!

  7. I wish I had your belief… Good

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