The Rapist

The Rapist

A wrenching ache unique to her gender
Disembarked upon her fleshy thighs.
The cold fury of a vicious stranger
Left her ravaged soul with a broken sigh.

She laid whimp’ring in a pool of own blood
Oozing from her sanctuary, now made bare.
With dying breath, she beseeched starry horde
To show her pity and soften their stare.

In this hellish nightmare, she complained not;
Remembering with clarity the caution
thrown to the wind, the many times she’d fought
to parade nudity- was this her portion?


Bloodied, unassuaged of lust; he crouched still
Shivering with wild passion, deformed and dark.
In fevered anticipation, he willed
Yet another victim pass by that track.

Suddenly, the heavens broke loose and wept,
Howling and hurling massive thunderbolts.
On the muddy ground, he mortally crept-
a smould’ring wreck charred by a thousand volts.

28 thoughts on “The Rapist” by fervency (@fervency)

  1. Yes! Instant Karma! Nice work fervency.

  2. A taste of that bitter pill. Somebody sure deserves it!


    1. Indeed, he deserved it. Thanks for the read @midas.

  3. Hmmm! It served your character right! Right there, justice was delivered.

  4. nice work here, nice

    1. Thanks @gabbleTalker

  5. Lovely poem…!

    What do I love about this poem? It tells a long story in just brief verses!
    We see the victim, her plight, what led to her plight, how she could have avoided her plight
    Then we see the rapist, we understand his nature, we see his evil passion and then his waterloo unfolds.

    the twist was powerful and the imagery of the heavens weeping with thunderbolts creates the imagery of the wrath of the divine at a miscreant violating its creation.

    Awesome piece…

    1. I am very glad you caught the entire drift in this modest piece Afronuts. I believe that poetry is the use of contracted enounces to evince visual imagery burning a cast on the mind. many thanks @Afronuts

    2. @Afronuts. Your interpretation captures it all. It’s so packed with meaning.

  6. @fervency, I like the way you are able to rhyme perfectly while still telling the story very well…

    1. How many thankscould I offer a proficient prose writer as yourself QueenNobo? Just as many as these, thanks a zillion @queennobo.

  7. Wow!
    This is a rare something.
    Enough respect for this awesome poem.

    1. Many thanks Kaycee. I respect your profundityof prose too. Just read your ‘Say this to God’ and it was something of a write. thanks again @kaycee.

  8. Now this is indeed beauty n d essence of what poetry is; beautiful in its present form bt it cud also be rendered shorter n made more beautiful, stronger and passionate i feel. D ist stanza did d magic 4 me n i really love it. welldone

    1. Many thanks Victoria. The suggestion to make it shorter would be virtually impossible considering the progression I crafted here. Thats the strength of poetry, writing about a weighty concept in concised verses. I think I have done my best here, else I would leave some questions unanswered and much to the imagination. i am indeed grateful to you for your suggestion. You are so kind.

  9. A beautiful poem, where YOU threw convention to the winds and did your thing. Well done @fervency. :)

    1. Many thanks Kelechi. I am glad you found it engaging @Kayceenj

  10. @fervency: I could sense the fervency in your delivery and in the poem too. Thumbs up.

    1. Many thanks Starrilyn. I am glad you find fervency in this poem. :) Aren’t we all possessed by our names? You, by a star?

  11. Just mah-ve-lous :)

  12. Keats incarnate! Awesomely written

    1. lol. Keats? I wish . You are so gracious @magic.

  13. This is beautiful. Truly awesome writing. And like @afronuts echoed, the imagery and twist evoked by the thunder and charring, is certainly a product of great creativity. Well done fervency. This is the kind of poem fit for academic study.

    1. So many thanks @chemokopi. You are far too ind in your adulation of this modest work. Thanks bro.

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