Okonkwo and his wife

The Little Rat (In The Animal Kingdom)


Thou little rat,

who gave thee the heart to speak?

while in the mist of lions, tigers, leopards

elephants, and cheetahs.

thou little of the animal kingdom.



Who gave thee veto?

to stand against the words from the lions den,

who gave you the courage to brag size with

the likes of elephants, and bears,

and stamp your feet in the foot prints of Gorillas.

who gave you the heart to speak?

when lions roar.



Imagine the little rat,

Moving courageously around the animal kingdom,

insisting that his gong must be heard,

and that his ideas must be applied;

leaving his abode in the hole,

to pull audience in the market square.



You better take the advice of my grey hair,

return back to your hole where thou cometh from,

hid yourself in the closet of your closet,

till you are grown enough to know the cause of thy fathers’ death.

If not what ate up the worm,

will turn-out to be meal for the worms.

before your own gong rust on your head.



No, I can’t stay and behold this tyranny anymore;

I can’t bear the torture of us little animals,

no, not anymore.

For hour long will I eat bread in my hole?

While my fellow little animals grumble in despair;

shall we all grow weary hairs?

before thy kingdom come.

For how long shall we wait to be pairs?

Our bodies were meals for swords and spears,

fighting for the same freedom,

in the heat of the battle,

to redeem our kingdom.

Oh thou little rat,

why refuse my advice?

My grey hair has seen many full moons fade away in search for revolution,

and redemption, is a far sight to vision.

Wait till your feet are strong enough;

strong enough to march out your  mission

2 thoughts on “The Little Rat (In The Animal Kingdom)” by aceDprodigy (@1prodigy)

  1. hmm, nice poem, am worried about the language mixing the thees znd the yous didnt work for me…

  2. Could do with a bit of consistency. On the whole, not bad

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