Reliance (A Reliable Woman)

Reliance (A Reliable Woman)

When in distress, I run to her

When in pains, I cry on her shoulder

When in tears, she wipes them off

When I err, she forgives me

When I’m happy, she’s happy

When I’m sad, sad she is

That’s Reliance


My strength when I’m weak

My wealth when I was poor

My health when I’m sick

My joy when I’m in sorrow

My hope when I’m in despair

She’s Reliance


She gave me life when I was dying

Showed me love when I had none

She’s full of warmth & comfort

She’s my loving angel

She’s a reliable woman

Always compassionate & caring

I trust her with my life

Now that’s Reliance


She just doesn’t exist yet. . . ┬ánot in my life

8 thoughts on “Reliance (A Reliable Woman)” by wordsworthgwary (@wordsworthgwary)

  1. lol…u shud search harder.

  2. The ending saved the poem from being too uninteresting. It didn’t save it by much though.

  3. Poor you. Good

  4. Liked the poem, but the end seemed like crash landing. :-) thanks for sharing.

  5. I totally agree with @kaycee …please, poets on this platform should try and up the quality of their poems by giving us a picture to visualise.
    I wanted to say it wasnt too so good to call it a poem until i saw the last line and I said, “oh, fantasy…Okay.”

    Keep writing, you’ll only get better.

  6. Hee hee hee. I see some ‘olders’ have made their prescription…
    Jare, the easy going talk was nice to me. I think you need to add some imagery to this though. That is if it is to meet the beauty that it has potential to become.
    Like your name…wordsworthgwary. Who really are you? :) Keep the ink flowing. Cheers.

  7. Started well but didn’t even see you land. As far as I’m concerned, you’re still hanging.

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