PARABLES AND PEBBLES: Wisdom and the World, Ecclesiastes

Wisdom and the world


This our world that so is full of wisdom

The uttered words that have created God’s kingdom

It is carried in the belly of the wind

And blowing through the branches of all trees


It is filled up with adage of sages

And stands truly the test of all ages

It is revealed in the day of our days

And without listening we fall short, off


Who will teach me this? Who will teach me truth?

That I while away not the days of youth

I love life and oh yes! I love pleasure

I seek treasures, I seek my creator


Who will teach me to turn darkness to light?

Let him teach me too, to blindness to sight

That I may find the path that leads to life

That I will enjoy my days of living


Him will I carry with highest esteem

Him will I let beat with my heart within

This will I teach to sons of refined men

That they may turn wayward into toward





In your right ways and then now for your sake

Do always, do that which is always right

Serve what you may, remember always serve

Serve it true and in service to the truth


See; look at this cute baby born anew

So is life born anew every day

So delay not all you sons of the world

On cause opportunity and time pass


Die not in silence, speak I like to hear

All men were made to advance, quickly all year


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