Just Now, At The Nick Of Time







life happened to me,
just now, as i sat to write.
life happened to you,
just now, as you woke and moved.
life happened to us all,
just now, because we are the conquerors.
we reach out and reach forth,
because life has happened,
just now,
at the nick of time.

13 thoughts on “Just Now, At The Nick Of Time” by nkemjika (@nkemjika)

  1. @Nkemjika Beutiful penmanship. A work of art.

  2. too short.

  3. 2Short is a 9ja artiste na @nicolebassey lol

    @nkemjika do spare my inquisitive muse, tell of the mood please.

    I like it.

  4. Short but packs a punch. Me likey.

  5. @yahayamadu,tnx a lot.@sunshine,noted.i just did it at the spur of the moment.@ablyguy,tnx.@ostar,haha.did it on the spot while sending poems for an international competition.@shadiat,tnx dear

  6. Its particularly interesting to read what has been a fleeting thought at some point for me aptly worded by another.

    It’s a wonderful feeling!
    Nice one.

  7. I like.
    Nice one.

  8. @yahayamadu,thanks a lot.@sunshine,its intended so, for an effect.@ablyguy, thanks,@ostar,its about life and its immediate impact in a split second.@shadiat,thanks.

  9. This is what I am talking about. This is IT.

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