J. Santiago Told Me To

J. Santiago Told Me To

I am offering this poem to you

For Jimmy Santiago told me to
To recommend the word I-LOVE-YOU…. Keep it, treasure it as you would
Wean the breath of thy womb
Wi’ three syllable word I-LOVE-YOU.

For wholey nothing else to gi’ you
Which in worth to weight in value
This methuselah word I-LOVE-YOU.
Samuel C. Enunwa April 10, 2012.


image: www.sendscraps.com

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6 thoughts on “J. Santiago Told Me To” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. Jimmy ehn? lol. Okay O.

  2. Thanks, but why would i want to copy, email and add this to any where?
    Did Jimmy Santiago say so too?

  3. Disordered. I think it needs a ‘rework’

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