Robbed of my entitlements

Stripped of my most sacred rights,

My just deserts taken away

My property pillaged ignominiously,

Robbed of a voice

Now I am mute,

Fleeced of my feet

Now I limp.


A caricature of my true self

Abused by those who pledged to serve

The gun is mightier than the gong

The drums are still, not the Sun,

The governing bodies

Do as they please,

Justice is murdered

Honour is slain,

We their descendants

Are hunted as prey.



I shall not be quiet

I shall not hold my peace,

I will groan, grunt, and glower

Till my rights are returned,

I am not a slave

And if we be

What we say we are

My franchise

Must be restored


There will be war

16 thoughts on “Disenfranchised” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    1. Thank you :-)

  1. it sounds like the injustice meted out in the niger delta. injustice everywhere we hope there will be a solution some day. good poem

    1. Thank you, I am glad that this very personal disenfranchiment resonates with you and oppressed everywhere. :-)

  2. I am a Nigerian citizen. I want my franchise restored, and l like the way you express my feelings.

    1. Thanks, My pain has borne beauty then, i am glad you could empathize. @sontel. May we see our franchises restored soon.

      1. May we see our franchises restored? No, @nicolebassey. May we RESTORE our franchises soon. Thank you.

  3. Take it easy O!
    What happened to your other avatar?

  4. This poem lends its voice to the oppressed in the Niger Delta…the oppressed minority…the racially discriminated, the tribally segregated…
    Its a poem lending out a voice that has vowed never to give up the struggle for emancipation.

    Beautiful flow…the begining of each verse presents us with the state of the being of the MC and then proceeds to belt it out in thought provoking lines. The last line of each verse leaves a residue of thought that echoes in your imagination, the last line of the last verse telling us that soon there will be a revolution.

    Simple and apt…poignant!

    well done sunshine.

    1. :-D Thank you Sir @afronuts

  5. Nice one sunshine. As usual imagery comes out beautifully. Very beautiful poem.

  6. Another Niger Delta story with a resounding voice. Well done.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Thank you @xikay, @starrilyn @chemokopi
      We are political arent we?

      1. We are, indeed.

  7. @nicolebassey
    interesting piece…………

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