Voice Of Heaven

Voice Of Heaven

You have never heard that voice?

The voice of heaven


What is it you call the dribs of rain







Your head?


What is it you call the waft of breeze

that     peels    off         your      ceiling?


The melody of pellet drizzles

That remands you for the while it drips?


Whose voice is the angry thunder

That crack your eardrum?


Okay wait!

Wait until the eyes of heaven weep you a deluge

Wait again until the deluge meets a tsunami

And makes its way into your fortress

Wait until it pays you a visit at night

In the coastal plains of lekki


Please wait

For Heaven to speak again.


© Shittu Fowora 2012




14 thoughts on “Voice Of Heaven” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. Make I dey wait make flood carry me and my family for water ba?..
    Abeg if it’s like that let the heavens hush!

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    @writefight You ROCK!
    lovely visuals, takes one’s eyes on a workout.
    excellent message, we must listen for the drizzles to avoid being swept away in Noah’s avalanche
    Great Imagery, Consistent,relatable,complex enough to intrigue me
    yet simple enough to be understood by any body!
    Kindly accept my humble donation of 50 Ns Points.
    To be creditted once i access the non-mobile site.
    P/s Please Do MORE of this
    I Love You

    1. Wait o!
      @nicolebassey loves writeflight?
      Because of a poem?
      Haba, i have written poems too na…

      1. Maybe you are too old @kaycee.

    2. O, Sunshine…ur glitters reached me and warmed a side of my heart. Thanks for donating. I am happy u liked it.
      @ Kaycee, ehen? Marvel her with a better poetry ke!
      layrite, thanks for stopping by and dont mind Agbaya Kaycee.

  3. @writefight I av always loved stuffs that go beyond just putting words together that rhyme…or don’t. However, I av loved more writers who know that beyond putting these words together, there is also the responsibility of arranging them in ways that does something for/to the reader.

    You pulled this off well…I won’t donate points (hahaha), but I will say this>>>>>>>>>>>>>Well Done!

    1. @ Shai. Thanks all the same

      1. @writefight hehehe….let’s see if we can work out something together bro. I really like what you did up there,

  4. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Points sent. kindly acknowledge receipt. @writefight

    1. Thnx plenty. Received with open palms. Hugs

  5. this is a beautiful piece i must say.

  6. Haaa! Make we dey wait.

  7. heaven speaks to us everyday and in different forms but many are too busy to hear it- well done i love this

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