Under the Circumstances

We all do things we live to
regret once in a while,
I have done so a couple of
times before, if not millions.

Once I fell in love,
Out of that love came
rebellion, mistrust, anger,
hatred, betrayal, deception-
You name it.

Neighbour turned
into foreigner while
friend became fierce foe.
Maid assumed the role of
mistress yet lover opted
for the position of enemy
Love turned into hatred.

There was nothing I could do
Under the circumstances…

I tried to forget,
Fell out of love,
decided to live a lone life,
But they kept coming in all
their numbers, colours, and sizes.

Handsome, they were.
Moreover ,charming.
Full of charisma and
awfully romantic too..

I could not resist any longer
Even you yourself
could have felt for me,
For I could not continue
living a normal life
Under the circumstances…

One choice was all I had to make,
Out of a multitude of alternatives –
labels, grades, sizes and types:
Downings, Superbake, Mitchells,
Bakers Inn, Albany…

They all came my way
In their different packages,
they did come.
Finally I had to make a choice.

For I was getting hungrier and hungrier
Under the circumstances…….

Little did I know,
For no matter what packages
they come in-
They all tasted the same
The ingredients analogous
Dough alike.

I was left with no choice again
For I could not face another round
of disappointment and deception
Under the circumstance.

(Written by Norah Sibotshwa

3 thoughts on “Under the Circumstances” by Ndaba (@starrider)

  1. Respect for this one.

  2. Hehehe…but hey, tasting the same can’t be possible for a creature as dependent on drama as humans. Nice work.

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