The Sad Cry of Love

From the parched lips of a dying past

Breaks forth the plaintive cry of love-

A stifled tremor at twilight’s cast

reaching to vacant skies above.



The tender bruise of graceful flower

May heal in the dew of a new day;

But a soul smudged with tearful showers

May ne’er again rise to walk love’s way.
When the visage of rejection’s slight

Hovers atop in baleful glare,

No moon nor gleaming stars of the night

Can cheer the heart with hopeful stares.
There is a silvery string unbroken

In the grey clouds deluged with dismay;

A conciliatory plea unspoken,

 Till a noose ties and last chance decays.

18 thoughts on “The Sad Cry of Love” by fervency (@fervency)

  1. This is the kind that inspires a one word comment.

    1. The poem is all muddled up in presentation. It is supposed to be a 4 line versed piece. Thanks Kaycee.

    1. Thanks magic.

  2. Love like faith works its own date. Love the poem, enjoyed the flow and the use of wrapped words

    1. Thanks for looking further than meets the eyes, lawore. :)

  3. i like this. Well done.

    1. Many thanks Sunshine. :)

  4. Beautifully written. Well done.

    1. Thanks Eletrika. :)

  5. I read it twice. Love your choice of words. Keep wielding your pen

    1. Thank Elusoji. :)

    1. thanks lactoo. I am glad you found it engaging. God bless.

  6. This your poem thick like full cream milk…still savouring the taste – i.e I need to read it and think it through to pick thru the depths.


    1. lol, Afronuts. thanks so much o. You fit use am eat nuts sha. :)

  7. I like the poignantly sad feeling this evokes

    So decked with words yet as light as a floating balloon

    And I’m floating on Cloud Nine with this one.

    But seriously must the noose tie and chance decay over a love gone sour

    Maybe another awits around the corner, why perish the chance? :-)

    Just saying….

    1. Thanks very much Midas. Hmmm. Smetimes when love is lost, the victim never thinks there is another chance. I wrote this from the victim’s angle. Thanks again for reading and for yur sweet comment.

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